Lyoto Machida Thinks He Has The Keys To Win Against Jon Jones


Former UFC light heavyweight champion was promised another title shot at current champion Jon Jones with a win over Dan Henderson at UFC 157. While it wasn’t pretty, ‘The Dragon’ got that win, but did not get his title shot. Jones was instead scheduled to fight Alexander Gustafsson in September, and Machida found himself with a date to fight Phil Davis.

While Machida is regarded as the fighter to hit Jones with the cleanest shot, he was perhaps prevented from another chance at the title because Jones choked him unconscious in their 2011 meeting. Regardless of the reason, Machida believes that there’s nothing preventing him from getting another crack at the belt should he defeat Davis at UFC 163:

“I think with this next victory that I’ll have, I will be the next contender, for sure. I have some keys on how to win Jon Jones. I was very close [to] the victory against Jones. Maybe if somebody gives me a rematch, I can get that.” – via Sherdog

It’s definitely arguable if Machida was actually close to victory over Jones in their first encounter because he was finished so decisively. Perhaps he does stand a chance in a rematch, because he most likely saw aspects of Jones’ striking that many did not.

However, he could also get finished again in a lopsided affair, and that does not bode well for the UFC and their pay-per-view numbers. Many casual fans of MMA deride Machida as boring for his highly elusive style. But it is very tough to argue with his results, as he’s beaten a veritable who’s who of light heavyweight contenders during his impressive UFC career. Even if he knocks Phil Davis out this August, will a rematch against Jones turn out to be any different?


  • Going to be tough to beat jones.

    • I thought he had the best chance to beat Jones for a little while… Then i realized Jones' will be so much better by the time he fights Machida again that he won't be as close to danger. Lyoto snuck up on him with how fast he closed distance. Training for it and seeing it 1rst hand are different. After that burst he landed Jones got out of the round regrouped and was never in danger again. He won't let it happen again. Jones by submission pt.2

  • Machida's got the "out cold flop" down…….

  • Machida had a few keys in the last fight. What he really needs is a bat to break the window

  • I think Machida is still a threat to Jones. Machida is well known for being very good at subs and groundwork in training but in his fight with Jones he barely gave a fight once locked up because he was badly stunned. Jones looked lost when he went to his corner after the first round and frustrated. I think He knows Machida has some skills and considering his size advantage is perplexed at how good they are.

  • i think machida has the best shot in the LHW division right now. he ate an elbow and it takes a lot to get back in your groove and before you know it, you're getting choked out.

  • he should have fought bones when he had the chance

  • "Cheeto Orteez!"

  • Machida could out run most fighters for 5 rounds. The issue with Jon is, jon has that crazy reach. It's impossible to see Machida being able to run for 5 rounds and not get caught, shoved into the fence or taken down.

    • In that time it's impossible to think Machida can't land a punch either in fact he will likely hit more. His ground game is even better than Vitors and he was dazed when put in the choke in their fight and put up no resistance. I think a second fight will be highly competitive regardless of Jones nearly 1 foot reach advantage.