Josh Barnett on declining contract: Zuffa was unwilling to give me something that they gave Eddie Alvarez


It looks like the Dreams of fight fans wanting to see “The Warmaster” make his triumphant return to the octagon have been inevitably crushed. Recently declining an offer made to him by the UFC, Josh Barnett will no doubt be looking for employment elsewhere.

According to a statement made by Dana White at a post-fight media scrum for UFC on Fuel 7, Barnett was slated to fight Junior dos Santos as his long awaited octagon return.

Barnett’s manager was recently on UFC-contract-eddie-alvarez-mma”>MMA Fighting’s series “The MMA Hour” to share the reason why his client declined the offer. Offering a statement by Josh Barnett himself that read:

“I was excited to fight Junior. I thought he was a favorable match up for me, but Zuffa was unwilling to give me something that they gave Eddie Alvarez. No disrespect to Eddie, but I felt it was fair to give it to me as well. Although things seem to be working out well for me, I feel bad for the fans. They wanted me to fight certain guys in the UFC and I really wanted to give them those fights. Once we get the deal we are working on done, the fight the fans scream for will be lost forever.”

With a rather vague statement made regarding his future, it is unknown whether he’ll continue to compete in MMA or simply take up a career in Japanese pro-wrestling. It’s also difficult to ascertain what contract stipulation he was referring to as there were many types of bonuses and incentives involved.

What do you think fight fans? What was it that caused him to decline the offer? And where do you expect we’ll be seeing Barnett next? Let us know in the comments!

  • That's so vague I would think it came from my Govt. Well we know it wasn't the ability to fight for the UFC and WWE.

    • We don't really know that. All this talk about his "deal they are working out". Maybe WWE offered him an Eddie style contract!

      The fight the fans scream for… Barnett vs Brock at wrestlemania!

    • wishing him well to fight for the ufc, i think barnett is arguably still one of the best.

    • ppv percentage imo

  • Sounds like he is still negotiating to me.

    • @ Michal

      It could well be.

    • Maybe Michael, Josh isnt totally dumb at all.

  • I think the most important thing to Josh is getting paid. I don't think he really cares about belts, at this stage of the game. He's all about the money, which, at his age and with his injuries, is probably the smart thing. Josh just wants to make as much money as he can and it's understandable.

    If it's a question of allowing him to wrestle in the WWE, to be honest, I'm not sure what the big deal would be, so long as he wasn't walking in there with UFC belt around his waist and he doesn't have an upcoming belt scheduled. I would have thought that Dana would see the benefit in the cross promotion. I had thought that that was part of the attraction of bring Lesnar over. To help introduce The UFC to pro-wrestling fans.

    No matter where he lands I wish him well. He's an exciting fighter and a pretty cool guy.

  • He's talking about his ppv cut, obviously. He wants it and the UFC said no, you gotta earn it.

  • ppv percentage for the WarIdiot would be a slap in the face to every fighter on the UFC contract. After Barnett's STUPID as fuck post fight interview on his last fight. I have no idea what the fuck is in this idiots head!! Hit me with "the ufc HWs are lacking talent. Pfffffff…..Who the hell does josh think he is?

    • Sooo, you dont like him much? lol