Jason “The Athlete” Mcdonald officially retires


There goes another Canadian fighter. After a solid career in the UFC led to consecutively recent injuries and losses, Jason McDonald has decided to hang up the leather for good.

Sportsnet.ca first reported the news on Thursday. MMA Fighting recently had a word with McDonald regarding the decision to which he stated:

“I’ve had a great MMA career. I have traveled, met great people and have done things I would have never Dreamed of through MMA. It’s been an honor to be with the UFC over the years, but it’s now time to move on. I’m getting older, my four kids are growing up fast. I’m going to focus on my family and my CrossFit gym.”

MacDonald’s last two fights were losses where he was finished by both Tom Lawlor and Alan Belcher consecutively. His last win against Ryan Jensen came via Triangle Choke in Toronto in front of 65,000+ at The Rogers Centre for UFC 129 in 2011.

McDonald retires with a record of 25-16 going 6-8 in the UFC.

Lowkick.com wishes Jason all the best in his future endeavors.

  • He looked / looks like he could eat steal and spit nails, but that was never really the case. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

  • He was a tough ginger though

    • he's a lousy fighter anyway. but he tap out leben whos another drug user.

  • i remember his finish at 129, If I remember correctly it was super quick and he had him locked in it against the cage and then his opponent picked him up and slammed Ryan in the triangle. All that did was close the deal.

    Good luck and thanks for the entertainment!

  • I always thought Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald's (lol way to be spelling his name wrong in his retirement story) moniker was a little ironic as he came across as one of the least athletic fighters competing at the highest level but instead made it by on hard work and determination. Never developed that great of a stand up game but he was a lot of fun to watch on the ground. The first round of his fight against Damian Maia is perhaps one of my favorite grappling matches I can think of off the top of my head. It may not have been the smartest decision but you gotta respect the balls of a guy to be willing to go and initiate a jiu jitsu fight against Maia and even was holding his own until he got tapped.