Free Fight Of The Day: Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin


There was once a time when the UFC Middleweight division was not held hostage by Anderson Silva. It may seem like centuries ago, but in fact it was only circa 2006 when Rich Franklin was the 185lb. king. At UFC 64: Unstoppable, Franklin put his title on the line against Anderson Silva.

Silva was known to most casual fans for his time in Pride FC and his vicious knockout of Chris Leben, in his UFC debut. The Spider certainly didn’t have the aura of mystery that he possesses today, and many fans expected ‘Ace’ to put Silva away. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

What transpired was a muay thai masterclass, ending in brutal fashion. I’ve always been a fan of Franklin, and a little piece of me died at UFC 64 when Silva put the works on him. Check out the full fight video below and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • it should be titled: Free Beating Of The Day, Take 1.

    The look on Rich's face @ the 5:25 mark tells the whole story.

  • lol Its hard for me to watch Franklin learn what others now know. Anderson has stated in the past that he has the most respect for Franklin out of any fighter he's fought to date. Stating that Franklin has a heart of a lion.

  • and the rest is history

  • I am starting to believe that Silva tortured kittens as a child because this video of Rich Franklin getting beaten is a sadistic piece of work

  • The fight took Franklins belt, the second fight took his legacy.

    Franklin is up there with the chucks, coutures, bj's, Hughes, etc… But that lose was SO bad and it was HL soooooo many times. A complete generation of fans just short of label him as a can.

    I mean anybody who watched the early days. Franklin was considered a P4P great. He should be cemented in the hall of fame. But after those loses the world never looked at him the same again.

    Now looking back, we all understand. But damn… he had NO idea what he was walking into. See that smile on his face before the fight? No body does that anymore to Spider.

    • I thought the first one was bad, but the second beating made the first look like a friendly greeting between old friends.