Frankie Edgar Thinks He’s Only One or Two Fights Away From a Title Shot


Former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar appears post-UFC 159 courtesy of Fightline to address a litany of topics, including the changes he’s made to adjust back to a three round fight after being in title fights since 2010. ‘The Answer’ will face off with Charles Oliveira at UFC 162, and noted he’s a dangerous and unpredictable opponent.

Edgar states that he won’t call out anybody and will just fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him. He won’t take the Chael Sonnen route and try to talk his way into a title shot. Edgar believes he’s only one or two wins away from another title shot. 

The former champ also says he won’t chase titles by moving down weight classes, effectively ruling out a move to bantamweight for the time being. Edgar knows that there’s pressure on him having lost three in a row, and says he has been focusing on finishing fights.

  • Look at the stats. Benson deserved to win both fights. WTF are people gassing about?! Sheeeez!!!….

    • "Look at the stats"… how about look at the fight?

      If you realy watched those fights ad judged them according to the Unified Rules, Frankie CLEARLY deserved to win at least 1, if not both, of the fights.

      • Henderson won the first fight, Frankie won the second. No doubt about it.

    • i think the only chance frankie edgar will have a title again is when he will fight ronda rousey, i think this is the only chance he will have a title on his belt again, i think he will need to be converted to a woman to be able to hold a title.

  • id say hes about 1-2 fights away from giving aldo a chance to regain his belt

  • The 1rst Bendo fight was close but I don't see how it was disputed AT ALL. close doesn't mean controversial… The 2nd fight I thought was MUCH closer to call. I thought Bendo won but even as a fan I could have seen it gone either way. The Aldo fight I don't know what people seen to think he won. Aldo easily took the 1rst and 2nd, gassed a little but still took the 3rd with not much debate, lost the 4th and I thought even took the 5th while completely gassed. Edgar was more active in the 5th round bouncing around throwing shots that didn't really land and Aldo was still landing solid counters.

    • Aldo was never completely gassed in that fight, if you want to see gassed watch him against Hominick.

      I think Frankie won the first fight but don't argue it too much, they let the fight get too close and when fighters do that it's going to be arguable either way.

      Second fight was no doubt a robbery (yes a robbery), basically every media member and anyone in MMA said Frankie won. I think it's still one of the worst title fight judge calls I've ever seen.

      Fight with Aldo is close, I scored it for him but I don't strongly disagree with someone taking Aldo.

  • I agree with Frankie, how could anyone not?

    It's not like Chael Sonnen's situation, where he got embarrassingly finished in one fight and destroyed in the other.

    I hear people talk about Edgar not deserving rematches and that he isn't that great, they act like he was blown out the water by bums.
    He has arguably won and even if you think he lost you have to admit it was by the skin of his teeth.
    If you are that close in a fight with two of the best fighters yourself, you must be quite good yourself (that's why he is still recognised widely top 10 P4P).

    If someone is top 10 P4P and is coming so close to beating the very best, how could you say he doesn't deserve a title shot after a few good wins?

  • So he is two or three fights away from a rematch.

  • He should be called Frankie "heart" edgar. This guy is amazing for what he has achieved against bigger stronger athletes

  • I agree. He needs maybe two more wins to get his shot at the title. I had Frankie winning the 2nd fight against Bendo. And actually I had it very close against Aldo. I think Frank should have wrestled a bit more to tire out Aldo, in a similar fashion GSP vs BJ 2.