Francis Ngannou Calls Out Brock Lesnar For Dream Match

Ngannou photo by Michael Adamucci for USA TODAY Sports

Surging freight train Francis Ngannou is the talk of the MMA town – and deservedly so – following his first-round knockout of former title contender Alistair Overeem at last Saturday’s UFC 218 from Detroit.

Felling ‘The Demolition Man’ with a thunderous, fright-worthy left hand in just a minute-and-a-half, the Cameroonian knockout artist made such an impression that he’s already favored over heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic in their rumored match-up in 2018. ‘The Predator’ said he believes he is already the UFC heavyweight champ, but Miocic may not be Ngannou’s top target, surprisingly enough.

Ngannou told the Top Turtle MMA podcast (via MMA Fighting) that his dream match-up would be against former UFC heavyweight kingpin Brock Lesnar, who is currently suspended for testing positive for clomiphene following his decision win over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 in July 2016.

Despite Lesnar’s reputation as one of the biggest, strongest fighters ever to step into the Octagon, Ngannou believes he would deal with him easily:

“I’d always like to see the match between me and Brock Lesnar,” Ngannou said. “Two big dudes. I like that matchup. I’m excited for that kind of match as a fan. … I want to see that match. He’s big,” Ngannou said. “Huge, as you say. But he’s not stronger than me. I’m stronger than him. I’m the best striker in the heavyweight division and the more powerful guy. I’m also a talented guy and I will deal with that very easy.”

But with Lesnar on the sidelines and uncertain to return to MMA anytime soon if ever, Ngannou knows that Miocic will be his top potential opponent in the near future. As far as that blockbuster bout is concerned, Ngannou will pick a knockout win in his favor like he always does:

“I always predict KO.

“If he tries to stand up with me, he will not stand up too long,” Ngannou said. “And I think he will probably try something. He’s a good striker, but he doesn’t know how dangerous I am.”

  • All_Seeing_Eye

    NOT going to happen, waste of words.

  • Greg Kielec

    No roids. No Lesnar. He is not going to walk the ring deflated like a carnival balloon.

  • Axiomatic

    I would watch Colby Covington fight before I would watch Lesnar fight ever again and NEITHER is likely to ever happen.

  • Shock Wave

    I wonder why Lesnar, of all roidin’ cheaters, is being called out?

    Call out Cain Velasquez.
    You haven’t seen “a-murkin” until you fight him!

    • spinning elbow

      dana told him to call out brock lesnar so he obeyed it

  • Dave WC

    He would only want to fight Lesnar because it’s easy money. Why else want to fight someone that isn’t even a challenge. As for Miocic, I just hope this isn’t the case of two strikers having too much respect for eachothers power and being tentative.

    • Draven

      It’s obvious there’s no respect between him and Miocic. Ngannou is acting all cocky already.

    • OneFootFriendly

      Everyboy wants to fight Lesnar.
      Everybody wants a money fight.

      But that only really make sense to even mention it if your a sitting champion without a lot of other work to do already, and even then its usually kinda obnoxious.

      Nagganou probably jumped the gun mentioning his fantasy Brock fight already.