Fight Metric Scored The Bout 30-27 For Lyoto Machida


There always seems to be great arguments following high profile fights, whether it’s fight fixing theories, judges who spark massive debates or surprise knockouts from underdogs. Well last night’s UFC 163 certainly had the latter two.

Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis was not the most exciting fight ever, but one that most feel The Dragon should have won. Including the most advanced fight scoring system available to us, Fight Metric. Check out what FM had to say on the bout:

Now I’m not saying that we should be using computers to score fights, but when the contrast between the judges decision is so outrageously opposite from that of a computerised scoring system, could they not use the two hand in hand?

Then again, it could just be an argument of two elusive fighters putting on a very hard to judge fight. What are your thoughts?


  • Another botched job by judges. How can you be a judge or ref without actual former training or track record in combat sports? I am unsure how Brazil works with athletic commission but I think UFC brought own people??? WHY ????? There's no qualified local's there?

    ANother thing, all the brazil events are a fraud and I had ZERO interest in this PPV outside of Machida, UFC tries to fight lesser ranked fighters so that the Brazilian fighters will all win, they do this all the time. Someone should do research and see who is favorite in each fight because I believe in 60-70 percent of time the Brazilian's are favored and it's not a coincidence.

    • they are favored when they are the better fighters.
      and this time machida (the brazilian guy) got robbed. so…what your fkn poin

      • Guess this payback for one of the greatest robberies in Mma.. Shogun vs Machida 1.

  • In before the nuthuggers crying… ^^^^^ oh wait im too late

  • Fightmetric ***** BUT this is the second time I have agreed with them after a controversial decision.

  • i find all the above comments respectable.
    That been said to my eyes Machida clearly won the fight and it is puzzling to say the least ,to see all 3 judges scoring the fight in favor of Davis.
    I mean a UNANIMOUS decision ???WTF have these guys benn smoking?

  • I normally take no stock in fight metric, unless it's a fight where both guys are landing with the same power and frequency and you need to distinguish who landed more.

    I agree with Fightmetric's decision but it is even clearer who won by watching – maybe similar amount of strikes but Machida's where all much more powerful and damaging.
    I think Davis landed only one or two really significant strikes

    • D

      Damaging? Davis took zero damage in that fight.

  • The UFC obviously doesn't want machida to hold the title bc of his low ppv. That was the worst example of a fix I have ever had the misfortune to witness.

  • Fight metric is nice and all but until it replaces judges whats it matter?

    At the end of the day Machida SHOULD have been good enough to finish Davis, especially if he thinks he's good enough to beat Jones.

    • he hit him with hard shots and davis ate them. machida really tried to finish in the 3rd. Dana coming out with this bullshit "dont leave it in the hands of the judges" lyoto cannot simply abandon his entire fighting style and swing like a mad man. first there is no guarantee that will even KO davis and second he would probably be put on his *** within a minute. 90% of the people thought machida won and thats what matters. its bullshit that even if you won the fight without a finish you still are worried the dumb ********judges screw you over

      • Dana has no control over the judges so all he can do is tell guys to do what they can to finish. Neither guy came close to finishing tonight.

    • Really? Because Phil is known for being easy to finish, right? What?

  • Now he knows how Shogun felt in the 1st fight, With his skills and talent, he could or should have don more, I know its his style to be a little bit tentative and wait for the guy to chase him, but I think he could mix it up a little bit and sneak a little clinch, trip or combo now and then, though I think he is still one of the top guys in the division.

  • Watch the fight again folks. 1st round close, I scored it Machida but close regardless. 2nd round Davis, clearly Davis. 3rd round close, very close.

    So what's the issue here again?

    • 3rd round was the most separable in favor of Machida by far.

      • What where Machida spent the first few minutes running away and Davis pressing constantly and landing a few? Take off the bias shades and re-watch it. Or maybe go specsavers.

  • Why do people always ***** about what Fightmetric said and the judges blow…blah blah blah blah. Its old news. Its a known problem that will keep happening. Its a risk you take when you can't get a finish. A crappy risk, but unfortunately, that's the way it is now.

  • maybe Machida did win BUT it sure as hell wasn't no 30-27 for Machida, thats just a slap in the face to Davis.. i was going for Machida but have absolutely no problem with the results 🙂

  • Poor Machida…He went through a ten week training camp drinking his own urine. That kinda stinks.

  • quit ********crying this **** goes both ways i thought dan henderson won against machida but whatever man , machida CLEARLY won round 3 … and round 1-2 were flips … could of gone either way …. so yea machida is the favorite to win the decision but he didnt "deserve" **** he didnt finish or did anything impressive to win rounds

  • …. fight metric scoring a fight isn't a computer. Its a person putting scores that he/she thinks is correct into a program to pull out a score.

    The score 30-27 for Machida is just as bad as 29-28 for Davis. Machida clearly won round 3. Davis won a close(ish) round 2. Machida should have gotten the nod in round 1, which was the closest round of the match.

  • Machida is 21-2!!!!! Rampage robbed him and now Davis,get the f$%^&* outta with that bs!!!

    • ehm no… Rampage did not rob Machida… Rampage CLEARLY outpointed Machida rnd1 and 2… Machida waited too long to really go after Rampage and ended up just winning the 3rd. There was nothing controversial about that dc. Sure he put it on Rampage in rnd 3 but a fight is 3 rounds… u cant run for 2 rounds and only fight the 3rd. The Davis fight however was very different… He went after Davis every round, clearly won and got robbed….!

      • #theexperience1

        Come on man be real… Even Rampage thought he lost vs Machida.

        I haven't agreed with many of the things Rampage has said or done in the past, but at least he was man enough to admit the truth, unlike Davis.

        Funny how people say Jones/Machida was bad for viewers because it didn't get many sales or was considered a boring match up…. Think about Jones/Davis… I can guarantee that fight would be much more boring and get even less interest/ppv sales.

  • Machida clearly won one rounds 1 and 3, so I don't think we needed fight metric to tell us that. It looks like the judges were too busy watching Sport Center rather than the actual fight.

  • Machida won 29-28. Phil took him down two times and did mostly nothing with it. On the feet Machida was dominant. It is a shame.

  • gm1

    Mist everybody posting comments on this stupid matter are a bunch of freakin cry babies.
    Machida needs to start going out there and putting it on the line. Winning like a p^*#y and losing like one. When your not going out to BEAT your opponent, dont complain when you come up short at the decision of other. **** it up and get your *** back in the gym.

  • That was obviously a 27-27 Draw as neither fighter won a single round.