Does Antonio Silva Deserve A Title Shot At UFC 160?


Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva has made quite an impression since joining the UFC, The Blackhouse MMA fighter has scored consecutive knockouts of Travis Brown and Alistair Overeem at UFC on FX: Browne vs. Bigfoot and UFC 156, respectively. This was following his unsuccessful octagon debut against current Heavyweight boss Cain Velasquez at UFC 146.

It took Velasquez all of three and a half minutes to pick apart Silva, leaving the giant Brazilian in a bloody heap as the ref mercifully halted the action. Many would argue that Silva is the rightful number one contender, but has he actually done enough to earn the shot?

I’m taking nothing away from Silva, in terms of achievement, but the two fights he had since UFC 146 really could have gone either way. His brutal knockout over Alistair Overeem really showed that Bigfoot meant business, but again Overeem really opened the door for his foe. Hands down and cocky were two phrases that spring to mind. Now obviously Silva had to take the opportunity-just like he did against Browne.

In the fight against Browne, Silva was again presented the victory on a plate. In my books, Travis Browne holds a lot more stock than Silva in terms of talent and ability. It could have easily been Browne walking away with the TKO win had he not injured his leg so severely. Not only these points, but how much has Silva improved?

Velasquez is an absolute beast, he showed against Silva that quality over quantity is the name of the game in MMA, and I don’t think Silva’s skill level has improved enough since their first fight. I may be wrong, of course, but Velasquez is still the better wrestler, striker and all rounder when compared to his opponent.

Silva may have earned the shot outright, I’m not going to sit here and say that its a travesty after Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen happened, but is it really worth him trying to take the belt from the Mexican Machine? No it isn’t, not in my opinion. Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • No I don't believe he deserves a title shot over Roy Nelson or Fabricio Werdum, Mark Hunt or even Nogueira. Let's not forget who the number one contender in the Heavyweight Division truly is, Junior Dos Santos.

    • As I see it, he's arrived @ a title shot as a result of beating a guy who blew out his hamstring in round one and another guy that he was losing to (rounds 1 & 2), only to have his opponent come out and rush him, while having their hands down @ the opening of round 3 and Bigfoot made him pay for it, with a KO @ the :25 second mark.

      I don't believe that 2 fight winning streak is worthy or either re-match or title shot.

      • @truth….I feel the same way about this fight as i did when Chael fought Bones. Little confidence that this is the right man to do the job and little confidence that this person is the best challenger.

        I think its great that Bogfoot got one of the best upsets, but I completely agree with everything you said about the injury and Reem playing hands down over confident. A fight he should have won.

      • everybody hyped up overeem as the next champ (to a point where I was sick of it) he got his *** kicked by a guy who therefore deserves the shot.

  • FE4

    Yes, maybe Overeem took him lightly and should've, could've, would've, but didn't and it cost him his shot.

  • The only reason he has the shot was because Overeem was supposed to win and many wanted to see him fight Cain so Silva just happened to be matched up against the guy that was supposed to be next in line for the belt. He still won so Im not taking that away from him but I cant imagine many thinking hes the hardest match for Cain and I'd also bet Overeem beats Silva if they fight again.

  • No.

  • who cares, he got it.
    Let's focus on the fight.

  • I'm not sure but he may be the only heavyweight besides he champ who has 2 consecutive wins over top 10 HW fighters (Browne and Reem). His win over Overeem is probably the biggest profile win outside of a championship fight in a long time as well.

    Realistically, 2-2 in your last 4 and not putting on performances that even give the hint he has a chance of rematching Cain successfully shouldn't earn you a title shot but Cain needs a title defense while waiting for JDS, Werdum and maybe a couple other guys to get to the contender spot.
    He hasn't really earned it but best guy for the job right now.

  • I couldn't care less if he is worthy of the title shot or not, but his brutal KO of Overeem will go down in UFC folklore: Absolutely priceless,, and one of the nastiest finishes you will ever see. Overeems grin wasn't knocked to the other side of his face, but rather the other side of the planet and if he can do that to Overeem then he is a threat to anyone. rematches don't always go like the first, JDS and Cain are proof to that so regardless of if he is worthy, write him off do not.

  • He earned it. When he got the news of the shot no-one was in a better position, not even Roy. Having said that he is no competition for Cain, and will get destroyed again.

  • Had Overeem won that fight he would have been granted a title fight. Silva won. He get's the title shot and he deserves it if for no other reason, the fact that he brutally KOd Alistair Overeem. That is a legit title shot win.

  • why not if chael can get one why not. **** give me one.

  • Yes… Giant isn''t the sweet heart of MMA's HW div. But he didn't talk his way into his match. He fought and finished the guy to take his title shot.

    Hey, hate on me all you want. I'm not responding to win a T-shirt. Giant who didn't kiss anybody's *** to get their spot. He kicked Overeem's *** to get it. He did what was asked of him. Some can say it was Overeem's to loss. But in the end none of that matters. Giant kicked him in the head and took his title shot. This is the fight game. Deal with it.

    I gave Giant ZERO hope against Fedor. If they fought again. I'd still pick Fedor. It was a million to one win for him in my opinion. But who care's what I think. Giant, when his name was called – proved me and countless like me wrong.

    He's not my fav HW. But what i think doesn't matter. Giant EARNED this. I might prefer somebody else. But I'll never say he doesn't deserve it.