POLL: Did You Score Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva As A Draw?


Mark Hunt and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva went to war at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 33 in Brisbane, putting on a great show of heart and durability en-route to their FOTN winning draw. Although Silva failed the post fight drug test for elevated levels of concentrated rage, the bout itself was a thoroughly entertaining slug fest.

So much so, I’ve found myself re watching the fight a few times over the last week, and I can’t help but feel that Hunt won the fight. It seemed that Hunt had the better of Silva on the feet, landing more damaging strikes and even two takedowns.

As exciting and hard to judge as the fight was for me, I’m not a judge and was too caught up in the action first time around anyway. In my opinion, the judges got it wrong in this one. Take a look at the Fight Metric report of Hunt vs. Bigfoot and then let me know how you scored the bout.

  • Shouldn't this have been asked like two weeks ago?

    • hold on, I thought this fight happened last night……you mean I've lost two weeks in time? This is some planet of the apes type sh*t right now

  • I didn't score it formally but I was surprised as I thought Hunt landed more and took less damage / was rocked less. It was so close though that any of the answers above wouldn't have shocked me.

  • All of the other sh*t aside… the ref saved Bigfoot with the time-out, in my eyes Hunt took this. It was close but not close enough to be a draw. Hunt hurt Bigfoot a lot more. I never look at that fight metric crap cause their "significant strikes" are mostly NOT significant at all or BLOCKED!

  • the way i saw it is silva took the fight on a round by round basis, but i think hunt won the fight if you look at it as a whole.

    • On a round by round basis, Hunt should have two 10-8 rounds, so its still Hunt by 47-46

  • I had BF winning BUT as I said at the time, I am also okay with calling it a draw. Having read what the doctor said I would say it still should be. Silva got screwed.

  • I had Hunt up by a few significant shots, I have no problem with the draw. I need to watch the fight again to really see what was going on in there punch for punch.