Dan Henderson vs. Vitor Belfort Rumored For UFC Fight Night 30 in Brazil


Another day, another potential fight for surging UFC Middleweight Vitor Belfort, who’s been giving Dana White fits by standing firm to his statement of only fighting at Middleweight for a title. But he’s willing to take high-profile bouts at Light Heavyweight elsewhere, and that lead to speculation that “The Phenom” would face Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida on a yet-to-be-named card on Brazil.

On last night’s “UFC Tonight,” however, a different plan appeared to be taking shape. Belfort is reported to be close to signing on to fight former Pride FC and Strikeforce champion Dan Henderson. “Hendo” recently appeared on “Inside MMA” to say he was simply looking for a fight and a rematch with Belfort would fit the bill.

That’s apparently the kind of fight that Belfort is looking for, after potential bouts with Tim Kennedy, Gegard Mousasi, Chael Sonnen, and Machida failed to materialize. The fight is rumored to go down at Goiania Arena in Goiania, Brazil, on Nov. 9, 2013, as the main event of UFC Fight Night 32.

It’s beginning to look like Belfort has been calling a ton of fighters out but not actually accepting too many of the bouts thrown his way. He lost a previous bout with Henderson under the Pride banner back in 2006, after which he had his well-documented failure for anabolic steroids.

That failure and subsequent suspension is most likely a big reason why many believe that Belfort has become almost unlicensable within the confines of Las Vegas. He’s been on TRT and there’s been a ton of publicity surrounding his use due to his past troubles. NSAC commissioner Keith Kizer has stated that it would be unlikely that Belfort would be granted a TUE for TRT in Nevada, but that appears like it won’t matter at this time.

Henderson vs. Belfort II could be a great rematch between two legends of the sport. But by booking it in Brazil for Belfort again, is the UFC simply acquiescing to Belfort’s demands to take only the fights he wants in his home country? Or has he earned the right to make such demands with his electrifying performances?

  • Who is the baddest TRT-Rex of them all?!!! The answer coming soon to a venue somewhere in Brazil soon.

    • Honestly I would really appreciate it if you guys stop bringing up TRT on every Vitor article, like seriously how long does it take for one to understand TRT does not give you years of experience, skills, and technique

      • Amen….!!

      • It actually does. TRT allows you to recover more quickly (more training, more skills), makes you stronger, more aggressive, and allows you more time to train your technique. You also recover from injuries more quickly, ie, more time to train. Not only that, but you get bigger, stronger musculature as well. It gives you an edge during training AND during the fight. You may want to rethink your argument.

        • That's stupid. It doesn't just give you more training time. It'll help you get outta bed I'm sure. And have the motivation to get to the gym. But people don't seem to realize how slight the difference is in what they have, and what their levels are after they level out to normal T levels.

          • I've taken an over the counter supplement that claimed it boosted T a few years ago. If it worked it was pretty mild I guess but more than anything it just helped you make the decision to get in the gym. I can't say that I know what TRT feels like. But I do know it doesn't replace skill. Technique trumps all. And some people work super hard and never develop technique as good as some people that worked half as hard and had more natural gifts.

          • Standard lab notes the 'normal' range for testosterone between 200-900 ng/dl, that's right you can have 400% the testosterone of another man, and both of you are still considered in the 'normal' range. Even more strict policies can't pinpoint an exact number because the amount of testosterone in normal men varies widely. It's easy to take advantage of this fact and abuse the system. Look all around you, older men with dropping testosterone levels start getting injured left and right, can you imagine training that way compared to a 25 year old?

            I have nothing against Vitor, I think he's one of the most exciting and talented fighters around, but his abuse of TRT takes a bit away from his glory.

          • @Satelite That's why they get shots to reach the "average" of normal range.

          • They don't need average just like Urijah Faber doesn't get an average reach. Its about run what you brung. If you can't compete without it then it is a huge issue and likely the reasonable time to quit. Rich Franklin was going to go on it too but then realized if he needs it to compete he should probably quit as that is what his body is telling him. Brain Stann as I have mentioned said the results are astounding.

          • If technique is equal though then TRT trumps the one without TRT. IF IT WAS HARDLY ANY BENEFIT THEY WOULDN'T DO IT!!! I bet that if they were not fighting they would not be on it.

          • I think if it was so slight they wouldn't do it. I know Brian Stann said there was a huge difference in fighters that he trained with when they went on TRT that they were virtually reborn.

        • The fighters who are using it are in the normal ranges there not not going over the allowed limit hence how can they gain any advantage over others, and since you people are so critical about this issue than why is it not brought up on very Chael Sonnen article or Frank Mir article etc. huh oh that's right it seems guys like you are pretty envious/jealous of what Vitor has been able to do and that's is succeed in his profession while you sit back and type like a tough guy

          • They are simply getting help to one of their disadvantages that occurs naturally. Should we be getting brass knuckles for those unfortunate ones who can't stand and bang?

          • @falcon… no not brass knuckles but if there was any type of replacement that matches the natural human knuckles, why the f*ck not? If you've got low potassium, the doc gives u a shot to get your levels straight. If you're a Type 1 diabetic you get insuline. If your testosterone levels are low, u get f*cking TRT, it's no rocket science and i'm not talking just fighters! There are many many men with low testosterone that get on TRT for health reasons. The only advantage it gives you, is to be "normal" like other people that do not suffer that condition. Now how is that a problem?

            If their levels were all over the place and higher than that of an average human being of their age, THEN we would have a problem. If their levels are low and get a boost up to natural levels, there is really no point to even having this discussion.

            Chael did not beat shogun cause he's on TRT, he beat shogun cause he was the better fighter. Vitor didn't kick Bisping and Rockhold into next year, cause he's on TRT…. No, he knocked them out cause he got a MEAN *SS SPINNING BACK KICK!

          • But virtually all testosterone problems arise from abuse. You missed my point on the knuckles, I was stating that if someone does not have KO power should they get brass knuckles to even the playing field since naturally they don't have what others have. The point is, these guys are not showing natural levels they are showing optimum levels for their age not average. Its like complaining Jones has a reach advantage and asking for something to give you an unatural advantage to beat his natural advantage. There is a reason the guys using TRT are usually in the older bracket of sports because those are the guys it naturally affects and now they want magic muscles to compete because naturally they can't. If TRT does nothing then they don't need it. They apply for it because it gives them an edge. Don't be a fool.

      • Its actually worse than you realize since both have all that and know get to face younger fighters without all that and still keep the only thing the younger fighters have and that is their youthful speed, cardio etc that Dan and Vitor had when they were younger. It would be different if we could take the less experienced and inject experience, honed technique and skills with a syringe into their bodies because then it would be more fair. Dan and Vitor are just freak shows to me now. Dan is probably no better naturally than when he fought Shields and Vitor no better than when he fought Tito. I would really appreciate if people could come to reality on this issue.

        • Right on Falcon, Stamina is traded off for experience the older you get.

  • Sounds like someone is ducking "The Dragon"…… shame!

  • MORE TRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guess its confirmed. Vitor only fights in Brazil.

    • DAMN YOU VITOR!…..sorry Ive been dreaming of teepees and my doctor said Im two tents.

    • Kinda like Reem used to fight in Japan and turned into a hulk. Rumour has it last time they tried to a test in America every needle broke and they couldn't get a sample out of Vitor. Witnesses say athletic commission representatives decided enough was enough after 40 needles and Vitor started turning green.

  • It's funny how Vitor gets caught roiding and now gets to use it medicinally? I have no problem with forgiving the matter but letting him go back on them does not make sense. I would let it go if he decided to man up and fight without it. Most of you that disagree with me should agree with me since TRT does nothing and skill and experience trumps this and that and this and that.