Chris Weidman Says He Will Bring Anderson Silva Down To Earth


It seems that Anderson Silva might have gotten under Chris Weidman‘s skin with his recent missed appointments. Silva was scheduled to to make a media appearance promoting the UFC 162 main event against Weidman, but cancelled and was promptly fined a cool $50k by his employers.

Weidman spoke to MMAFighting to give his point of view on the situation:

“I hope he has a good reason why he didn’t go. I just went out to Los Angeles for three days, I just wasted time during my camp. I haven’t been in this sport as long as him,” Weidman said, “but you watch these superstar basketball players like Lebron James, and after every game, win or lose, he answers questions from the media.”

Weidman makes a good point, a top level athlete who is regarded as the best in the field should act with professionalism.

“There’s always stuff that you don’t want to do when you’re an athlete, but you just have to do it. I hope he’s staying grounded,” he said. “I hope his head isn’t getting so big that he thinks he doesn’t have to do things for the UFC, but who am I to judge? If his head is really getting too big, I’m definitely going to bring him down to earth on July 6.”

Big words from the challenger who will look to take out one of the top P4P fighters on the planet, but will he be able to back them up? Many have tried before him and failed miserably, although Weidman has probably had the most hype behind him (minus Chael Sonnen as that was all his own hype).

Anybody at Lowkick think that Weidman can squash ‘The Spider’?



  • It doesn't matter. Weidman will still lose. He would have lost if he fought Anderson before the long lay off, and he will surely lose now. It may play out differently, but quite frankly, I do not believe it will.

    • This is just Chris hyping the fight, channeling is inner Sonnenism (yes I just made up a word) The more ppv buys the more money he gets.

    • I agree, I think a lot of us are getting ahead of ourselves with Weidman. He's certainly good and looked like a beast at times out there but realistically he's only beaten an undersized middleweight in Maia and and a sluggish looking Munoz coming off surgery. Now it's Weidman coming off surgery and he's got the wrestling credentials but he hasn't been tested anywhere close to the way Silva will do that. Does that mean he'll lose? No, but I don't think Weidman is as serious of a threat as a lot of us are making him out to be.

  • Can't wait for this guy to get smoked.

  • silva is gona spank this boy and put him in his place

  • Weidman's a good fighter, but I'm surprised by the amount of talking especially since his best win is over an out-of-shape Munoz coming off of surgery. Kind of want this fight to be over with.

    • I've been saying that for a while now and, hey, I'm glad you've finally come to your senses, Mike. He has caught Sonnen fever, hasn't he? Big bark and no bite.

      • Way more bite than Chael P, homie. Not sure where you get the idea Weidman has no bite. He destroyed Uriah Hall before he was ever in the UFC. He has finishing power with his hands, something Sonnen doesn't even know about.

        • Cracks me up to see keyboard warriors "weak" indisputable facts, that's really all the power you have don't you?? LOL

  • Weidman is going to beat him.

    Regarding Anderson's big ego, Weidman has a point. Why should he or any fighter show up and not the other guy? Nick Diaz will do this crap, but only because it's just the way he is. Silva has done this, because he's the biggest prima donna in the business and he thinks the MMA world and The UFC revolve around his whims and fancies. That is the reality from…I can't speak English…I can speak English when it suits him…Anderson Silva. For him not to promote his fights, is to say…the sport doesn't matter beyond him. That's how I see it, at any rate. His fights should be big news, but they can't be if he doesn't do the press junkets.

    Personally, I think the best thing that could happen to The Division would be for Weidman to beat him and I truly do believe it will happen. At least Chris will defend his belt regularly and do the media.

    That said, I find it amazing how few people are giving Chris a chance in this bout. He's 10 times the fighter Sonnen is and look what he accomplished over six of seven rounds. Weidman gets that / those kind of chance(s), it's going to be over for Silva. I don't think he'll survive. The same way I don't believe he would have survived Sonnen's full mount in the 1rst round of the second fight, had Sonnen been able to garner the position much earlier in the round. I think Chael would have beat the crap out of him from full-mount. The difference this time, is I think Chris can achieve it and finish him.

    Laugh at Chris all you want, Silva has a real fight in front of him and with a guy that won't quit, fade, be afraid of him or have to stand and trade with him to put him away.

    • @MMA Truth Maybe Weidman will win maybe he wont I dont think he will win, but this is mma/sports and real reality tv where anything can happen. I really think you are nitpicking and reaching with this Silva pre madona thing.

      • @ David

        I really don't. Thank you for letting me know your sentiments on the matter, though. I always appreciate comment(s) from the LK staff.

      • @ Falcon

        Yeah, I'm not buying it. If The UFC put the effort out to organize it, pay for plane tickets and hotels rooms, which I'm sure they do for the fighters (at least), book a venue, set a time, invite the reporters, then I'd have to think that they'd make sure that they told both Silva and Weidman about the presser. Well, we certainly know that they told Weidman, because he showed up in LA.

        So, the question becomes to The Champ…they told everybody but you and your management, about the presser?

        It makes no sense. Subsequently, I don't believe him.

        • He was at a UFC conference just prior to the one he missed and did not know there was more until he was booked to go home. We know he hasn't done it before. It's a pretty small thing to blow up so big anyway.

          • @ Falcon

            I would have to disagree on the point that it's a "small thing". Personally, I'd like to come into possession of the amount of money that must have been spent on the presser. By the time you factored in all aspects of it, what The UFC spent, what the news agencies spent etc…it would be a few bucks.

            I just don't think at this level and when you're a fighter as important as Anderson is and he's very important, that there is an excuse for missing a scheduled presser. Just how I see it.

            Regardless, as long as the bout goes off, I'll be happy.

          • Well if thats how important he is then people need to get lives and not depend on his for theirs. Yes he made a mistake or at least someone did but it's a freaken first ever in over a decade! Poor Dana so concerned with other peoples opportunities… Oh wait Fitch!

          • @ Falcon

            …but that's trying to have it both ways…follow him, worship him, call him the greatest in the world, but if you have a criticism of him, then please…you're a loser who has no life.

            His supporters can't claim that defense, while they spend copious amounts of time occupying web sites both praising his greatness and decrying his detractors. That's trying to have your cake and eat it, too.

          • All I am sayin is if you have a criticism wait until you know. have already stated if Silva was caught with roids, I am no longer a fan and thats how I feel about Belfort right now as he was one of my faves but now I can't respect his competitive edge. I will openly say i think Silva wiping himself with the grease was stupid and should not be tollerated so I am not holding him to no wrong. GSP and others have done it too and weren't caught until after the fight unlike Silva who had it wiped off immeditaley after so the fight in my book considering both were grabbing shorts was fair. I just don't see a big problem here when it has not happened before. If I see Silva doing this next time there is a conference I will have more concern.

  • I'd just like to clarify something that seems to be floating around here: Munoz had a full training camp and fought Weidman 7 months after his successful elbow surgery. He was in shape, and missed only a week or two in camp from the foot injury that was a stress fracture.

    It might have hurt Mark a bit during the takedowns, but this wasn't some guy fighting off two weeks notice. He was well prepared, and in shape against Chris. Chris just made him look terrible.

    • Have you seen the Maia fight, though?? If yes, were you that impressed with Mr. Weidman performance?

      • he took that fight on 10 days notice

    • Finally, Evan comes in to talk some sense into the Silva nut clingers.

    • Who the F**K is Mark Munoz??!!!! So what Chrispiss beat that underachieving DUMPTRUCK, A.S. is gonna hurt that youngsta bad./

  • I see one big problem for Weidman: white men can't jump.


  • I have a feeling people will be comparing you Sir to Patrick Cote after this fight….very similar hype pattern going on here. Who did you fight to grant you such confidence against the Goat? Maybe you say such things hoping you will believe in them yourself….future undercard alert!!!

    • future undercard alert?! are you serious? I love Anderson Silva and believe he will win this fight. That being said I also believe Weidman is the best fighter Anderson will face since Dan Henderson! You might be able to argue Yushin Okami, I think Weidman is better. FUTURE CHAMPION ALERT. I don't think he has the experience to win this fight and with Silva's career clearly taking a back seat to much of his other life I don't think he'll fight much more which means we'll never see what Weidman can do with a year or 2 more experience. After Anderson leaves Weidman will be the champion at some point, may not have a run near Silva's but he'll atleast win the belt. P.S hype and confidence isn't always built off of who've you beat, BUT Maia on short notice. Munoz off surgery or not, and Uriah Hall before the UFC is a decent list for a young fighter. Did Jon Jones need to beat a better list before everyone knew of his greatness? IN NO WAY am I comparing him to the 2nd best P4P fighter out Jon Jones.Just that sometimes greatness is immediately visible in a fighter. problem for him is he's going up against the 1rst P4P fighter in "STILLLLLLLL THE UFC MIDDLEWEIGHT CHAMPIONNNN, ANDERRSSSSONNNNNNN THE SPIDERRRRR SILVVVAAAAAAAAAAA"

      • @ Silvaofthestreets

        My God…I can't believe a Silva fan actually wrote something of reason about Weidman, this fight and Silva himself.

        Thank you.

        • I try to keep my personal bias out of things when looking into fighters, which I find VERY hard to do when they are fighting my all time favorite fighter in Anderson Silva, but lets be real… Weidman is a scary dude. He's got some serious skill everywhere the fight can go. Anderson is Anderson so I take him to win but people calling Weidman a scrub and future prelim fighter and such is a joke.

    • Putting your love for Silva aside, you're comparing Weidman to Pat Cote? LOL!
      Not even close, Brasil. That's like comparing a Corvette to VW Bug. Completely different class of car. Completely different class of fighter.

      Further, I saw no hype for Cote beating Anderson and I see no hype for Weidman beating Silva. The complete opposite, actually. Most, such as yourself, aren't giving Weidman any chance.

      Also, if he's a so-so fighter and Cote was a so-so fighter, as I'm sure are all or most of the rest of Silva's challengers, then what does that say about his record and his title? You can't have it both ways, where all the fighters, Weidman included are crap and then still have Anderson's record be worthy of great salutation(s).

      Silva fans need to make up their minds, are his challengers any good or are they not? If not, then what's the big deal about a great stand-up fighter beating up on a bunch of lousy opponents?

      I think the result of this fight is more apt to be a "Rocky 2" alert, than that of a future under-card.

  • Watch thy sternum buddy. Anderson will play chess with your face. Vitor-Anderson 2 after he beats Rockhold that I would love to see if no superfight comes to fruition.