Carlos Condit Set For Official UFC Return


Former interim UFC and WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit is finally set for his awaited UFC return.

No. 7-ranked Condit has been out of action since his shockingly quick submission loss to Demian Maia in August 2016, and hardcore fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) have been anticipating the action-based contender’s potential return ever since.

Days after he tweeted UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby to ask for a bout, UFC Canada tweeted tonight that the longtime veteran would be returning at December 30’s UFC 219 from Las Vegas, Nevada, against No. 10 Neil Magny:

In hindsight, the Maia loss is tough to discredit “The Natural Born Killer” for considering the absolute war against Robbie Lawler he came off of in January of that year.

Prior to that, Condit finished former title challenger Thiago Alves to earn his title shot against “Ruthless.”

Magny was most recently seen losing a one-sided bout to former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos, who appears more than reinvented at 170 pounds, at September 9’s UFC 215 from Edmonton.

Both Top 10-ranked contenders have lost a bit of their once-held momentum in recent years, making their UFC 219 affair a pivotal bout for both athletes. But if the fight is anything like “The Natural Born Killer’s” usual match-ups, fans are going to have much to look forward in Condit’s return.

  • steven

    …said it before and I will say it again, Magny is the easiest top 10 opponent out there. If you want to make a statement about where you belong– top ten meaning viable title contender, he is your proverbial “pasty.” This will be Magny’s last fight in the UFC as a “top guy” and the only question is whether or not Bellator will accept him with open arms.

    • ShawnKarr

      I don’t know what you got against Magny but he finished Lombard, beat Hendricks and Gastelum who all held strength advantages over him. I do think Condit will win assuming he comes back in form, but I doubt it will be an easy fight.

      • steven

        I do not have anything against him. I could be wrong but from here, you smell like a LOWKICK hipster. RDA moving up in weight, not that far removed from being smashed by “punch drunk” Eddie Alvarez, (quoting Kevin Lee here), went through Magny like water. On this site, in a post from September 7th (article titled: Magny Wants Title Shot with Dominant UFC 215 Victory- the RDA fight) I explain the whole thing. I guess you missed it. Here is a summary– but if you are not a hipster and have the attention span necessary…because admittedly, my posts are long– refer to my original post. At any rate, guys like Magny, Chiesa, and Michael Johnson, (the last barely a .500 fighter– but somehow ranked in the top 6 !!?!– paraphrasing Kevin Lee here from the Summer Kickoff), are not highly ranked because the UFC sees them as legit threats to the title. They are ranked highly so at a moment that is convenient for the organization, when it needs to leverage and promote a more charismatic/dangerous/marketable fighter, (like RDA, Gaethje, or Lee), they sacrifice their rankings and their souls to the preferred fighter. Magny was run through like water by RDA. Johnson had the holy fuck and all the fight beat out of him…broken…made to sit down in the cage and quit by Gaethje. Chiesa was choked into paranoid delusions by Lee. People in the know saw those results coming. Those were the outcomes the UFC wanted. Magny has the ranking plus low risk/high reward cache’ the UFC needs to inject Condit right back into the title picture and into big money fights. Every body knows prime Condit destroys this guy in the same manner RDA did– but probably worse because Condit’s striking is superior. Likewise Johnson was fed to Gaethje, and Chiesa was used to legitimize Lee and his interim title shot. This is how combat sports work.

        • Draven

          Chiesa was used to legitimise Lee and his interim title shot? Hahaha ????????????

          Puh-lease, Lee only got a title shot because everyone else above him was booked and Khabib backed out of a title fight due to his unreliability.

  • Draven

    Go Carlos ????