Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum Reported For UFC 172 In Mexico City


When the dust settled on UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez’ title defense over archrival Junior dos Santos at October’s UFC 166, talk immediately shifted to just whom Velasquez would face next.

Not surprisingly, Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum was at the top of the list of worthy contenders. Today, a report has surfaced that the bout is close to being booked, and it could take place at a monumental event. According to Mexican site La Afficion, Velasquez will fight Werdum in the main event of UFC 172 in Mexico City, Mexico, signifying the UFC’s first foray south of the border.

It’s an obvious choice for the promotion, as Velasquez’ Mexican heritage has gained him a ton of fans. He’s a bilingual champion and frequently makes his own trips to Mexico.

The event is slated tentatively for the weekend of either April 19th or 26th. The UFC is hard at work to book other fighters with Mexican roots on the card, with names like Gilbert Melendez, Diego Sanchez, Kelvin Gastelum, and Mexican-born Erik Perez all possibilities.

The UFC’s first event on Mexican soil has been a long time coming. Thankfully for their many fight fans, that day is almost here. It looks like the promotion is not holding back to put on a great show at UFC 172.

Werdum hasn’t fought since his armbar victory over “Big Nog” at UFC on Fuel TV 10 this June. He’ll face a noted step up in competition when he locks horns with the grinding Velasquez. Werdum’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu game is world class, and his striking has definitely improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. But will all that be enough to contend with a surging heavyweight champion at the top of his game?

Outer Photo: Andrew Richardson for USA TODAY Sports

  • ian

    That fight against JDS at UFC 166 was his SECOND title defense.

    On another note, as a Mexican I'm glad they're having an event in Mexico, maybe this will spark more interest in the sport and later we can start to have more Mexican fighters on the UFC roster.

    • Quite frankly I would of liked to see Werdum vs JDS before Velazquez.

      Werdum needs to figure out how to be able to take Velazquez down and I do not see that happening. The history of of Jiu-Jitsu vs Wrestlers fighters says it all…

  • Yes, but it was his first against his archrival JDS. He may or may not have another one.

  • le va meter un chingaso al osico igual k jds. vamos cain

  • Awesome! As a big Werdum fan, I'm happy that he's finally getting a title shot. Cain is a beast, but so too is Werdum. There's no one better in the division on the ground and Cain, will probably look to keep the fight standing, as such.

    However, even it that, Velasquez will need to be wary of using his much vaunted clinch game, against the fence. If the champ chooses to employ that tactic against Werdum, he could well find himself on the ground and in Vai Cavalo's guard, as the result of being jumped to the ground.

    Taking that into account and if the fight ends up being at range, Werdum might surprise some people. His stand-up is ever improving and he has power.

    Fabricio will stand a good test for the champ and an exam on the ground that Velasquez would be wise to avoid taking.

    • Cain Velasquez by murder in round 1.

  • I think Cain will stand and bang then take Werdum down for some ground and pound but i expect Cain wont be staying on the ground long.

  • Hehe I wish Cain can retire that f…..g goof!

  • War Cain!! viva mexico cabrones! lol!!

  • Not a Werdum fan, but this potentially can be a tough fight or even and upset. He will sub cain if they end up on the ground and Cain's a little sloppy in the stand up sometimes

    • Werdum is nobody and this will be a bloody sparring session for him…too much bla bla bla…Cain is going to dance lambada with him that night…mark my words!

  • Awesome Corona and Burrito News… War Cain… Also, Mexico event should have the Diaz Brothers on that fight card.. Including Showtime Pettis…And soon to be champion Ricardo Lamas…Okay I'm asking to much.. lol……Free Tacos For Everyone. Trompo Y Bistec…

  • Fight will not go to the grownd…..Werdums striking has improved miles and he has a clear size advantage so I would say even on that aspect there…so if Cain clinches the way he likes the question is….will Werdum pull guard??