Bobby Green Accuses Donald Cerrone Of Racist Comments And Groping Fans


UFC lightweight Bobby Green has put together a very impressive three-year unbeaten streak, most recently defeating Josh Thomson by split decision at UFC on FOX 12. Soon after the win over “The Punk”, Green was booked in to face fellow surging 155er Donald Cerrone at UFC 178. Unfortunately for “King”, he was soon bumped from the card. Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez forced Green from his booking against “Cowboy”, after originally being slated to face Jorge Masvidal, and he now awaits a new opponent. Talking with, Green discussed being removed from the September card:

“Obviously I had some bad blood with Cerrone, but I’m a company dude you know. At the end of the day, I can’t be stopped. It’s just a food chain, I understand that those dudes are bigger names. Whoever comes on my block is getting it, that’s just the way it is. All I care about is doing me to the max.”

Green’s win over Josh Thomson was somewhat a milestone in his career, as was apparent when got was booked against Cerrone. It doesn’t seem to have annoyed “King” that he was bumped from the UFC 178 card, and the chances are he will still get a big fight next anyway. He continued:

“I was originally meant to face Abel Trujillo, then I get a fight with Masvidal and then Cerrone. It felt like I was getting rag dolled. I’m the little guy, this doesn’t happen to Jones or Cerrone. I’m just leaning over here, trying to get money, I’m good. Cerrone feels like he is untouchable, he is just the most obnoxious asshole I ever met. He was so rude and all that, saying ‘you don’t want to strike with me’ and all that.”

Green the started to describe the time that he and Cerrone were signing autographs for fans at a UFC expo; not only does he accuse “Cowboy” of being rude, but also of racist comments and lewd behaviour! This just got juicy:

“He said some racist stuff, like ‘you know how black people like to steal’, and this was in front of like loads of people. I was laughing it off, but the real dude inside of me was like ‘I don’t let that shit slide’. He was being obnoxious, he was groping every woman in this place. They got husbands and boyfriends and he was just groping these girls in front of them. He was grabbing these girls asses like ‘what are they gonna do to me’. He disrespected me and I really don’t like him now. It’s my time to get even with him.”

Wow. Obviously there is no hard evidence on these accusations, but they are very controversial. Although the fight with Cerrone at UFC 178 fell apart, it looks like Green is dead set on fighting the Jackson’s MMA product. With these new details of their run-in being uncovered, the background story has some substance too.

Do you see any truth in Green’s accusations of racism from Cerrone, or is he trying to feed the fire of their beef? Either way, I think that would be a great fight anyway.

  • Ivy

    So it was racist (what was said), yet you laughed it off?

    Sounds like an opportunist to me.

    • You seem to assume that every black person will react violently to racist remarks but you shouldn't be. That being said there is a HUGE difference between a racist comment/remark and being a racist. I honestly believe that most people stereotype and generalise when it comes to race and culture. The intent is the most important thing in the end and he clearly thinks Cerrone is a racist. Only Cerrone can reply to his accusations, we weren't there.

      • Ivy

        Yea, Cerrone should get right on that. Not like there are real problems in the world.

    • Opportunist? The guy didn't want to make an uncomfortable situation worse in front of the fans, big deal. Yeah he could have said something, but he probably thought "just let it go" and then it later festered in him. Anyhow the guy likes to do his talking in the cage, I think we can all respect that.

      • Ivy

        If Green is a closet racist against Whites like Al Sharpton than this is an opportunity for Green to play the race card to villafy Cerrone and make himself look like a victim. Yea, opportunist indeed.

        I'm a cop – 11 years now – I see and hear this kind of shit all the time from black people. Their "leaders" are dog shit – they could do better.

      • If the "real dude inside" said "I don't let that shit slide" why didn't he say something to Cerrone? He could have easily pulled him to the side and said, "Yo Donald, did you mean that in a racist sense? I didn't like that comment you made," or something along those lines. This, bringing it to the media is being an opportunist.

  • Whoop a racist & get paid. Sounds like a Win Win situation.

    • perfect ending to the story. And based off of what i saw in the Thompson fight…he will do it.

      • So when Cowboy viciously finished his last 4 fights, you didn't see anything that would make you pick him over green?? Also there are two sides to every story, I would take what Bobby said with a grain of salt.

  • Ivy

    Bobby Green: "you're a racist!"

    (Voted for Obama because he was black)

  • I heard a joke once that the word "racist" is to White people the way the N-word is to Black people. If a Black person calls a White person a racists it for some weird reason makes the Black person racist or a race bater or some other non-sense.

    Green's story is pretty straight forward. If its true it sounds like Cerrone is a racist. Saying Black people steal is offensive and certainly not a joke you say in public about a guy you don't know.

    Is anyone really surprised that a "cowboy" might be racist.

    • What is the difference between BatMan & a BlackMan???

      BatMan can go without Robin.

      Im black & dont steal so i find the joke funny as hell.

      • That is pretty ignorant. Not only is that feeding into a stereotype…it's just not funny. I have heard better knock knock jokes

        • Dude lighten up that joke was funny. There is a massive difference between a derogatory joke said in a malicious way and a friendly joke.

      • Ivy

        @ jcren

        You LOL'd…admit it.



    • Ivy

      Maybe you are racist jcren. Seriously, YOU weren't there, you didn't hear the joke, can't verify it was even said, yet are anxious to label Cerrone racist?

      Naw. I don't buy this pussy-ass politically correct bullshit that assumes every white MAN is a racist if he even sneezes toward a black man. Fuck that. I love everyone regardless of race, but people need to stop being pussies and let jokes be jokes.

  • Having watched the London riots in my home country and the Missouri riots in America it is not racist to say black people like to steal stuff. It is factually accurate. White people like to steal stuff too.

    now weak away bitches.

    • They also like to play the knock out game in America where they randomly attack white folk. But hey ho truth is waycisssst, bad whitey just shut up and forget the black criminals ruining society.

      • The knockout game where they randomly attack white folk??!! You are a paranoid and delusional dude. If not, you are seriously twisted and need help. REAL talk.

      • They don't just attack white people in the Knockout game, I have seen both African American and Iranian victims get KOd. Get your facts right.

    • So then… "people" like to steal stuff?? It's a retarded argument, obviously Cerrone was throwing in a redneck piece of shit cowboy racist jab and very deliberately so.

      • Amazing you got a weak for this. Says something about peeps here

    • Interesting because most theft in world done by whites. That's not even including "white collar" crimes. Or crimes made legal like bank interest rates hikes.

    • The majority of those that did the ENGLISH riots (as they were nation wide!!!!) were white. FACT. Liverpool, Manchester, Essex and Kent were hit badly. As was Birmingham. London also got hit in lots of areas that were neighbouring Kent and you can see this fact by googling videos of the riots.

      I wish I could have "weaked away" more at your ignorant comment.

  • I believe Bobby, Cerrone is exactly the type of douche-bag asshole that would do and say those kinds of things. He'll get his. Green was playing around with Thompson the whole fight, they kept it relatively playful and that's cool but this fight is gonna be very different.

    • Have you ever met Cerrone??? Or are you the type of gimp that likes to judge people without every meeting them???

      • How do his balls taste, homie?? Good?

        • Is that all you got homie?? Typical response from a ratchet ass hoe like you, shame on you Girl!

          • Awww…. poor little bitch asking "Is that all you got??" Sorry buddy, that's all for now. Run along now.

          • Really, that was a legitimate response, you implied I am trying to stick up for Cowboy, my statement goes for every human on this earth. You stupid fuck face, now, run along back to your fathers nipple you where just sucking on,

  • Zip

    Hey, white folks steal too. I saw a white dude once 'take dat bitch' on Bait Car.

    True story.

  • i once was eating at a buffet. Sitting behind me was a old white dude, stealing chicken into a bag and stuffing it into his jacket. I also saw a black lady do that and put it in her purse. And i also did that HAHA, im ashamed….