Bellator 127: Four Fighters Fail Drug Tests

fail drug tests

UFC veteran Rob Emerson was among four Bellator competitors found to have illegal drugs in their system…..

The battle to stay afloat in the world of professional MMA is as hard as it’s ever been; budding organizations find themselves as little fishes in a big pond located in the UFC’s back garden. That is why it’s important to retain legitimacy when trying to go head-to-head with the world’s most successful promotion.

Apparently, Bellator didn’t get the message. Aside from WWE style stand-offs, and production akin to that of a seven year-old child, Bellator MMA has recently had four fighters fail drug tests. Not only that, the culprits were all on one card. The CSAC (California State Athletic Commission) confirmed that four fighters from the October card were carrying banned substances in their system.

Bellator 127 was the scene, and it was a forgetful evening at best. Daniel Straus fought Justin Wilcox at the head of the California based card, and UFC veteran Rob Emerson fought and lost to Raphael Silva. Nothing really jumps out there.

Not, at least, until you consider that four of the evening’s 22 competitors were on performance enhancing drugs or recreational substances. First off Emerson was popped for Modafinil, a drug used to help stay focused. Nick Moghaddam, Fernando Gonzalez and Keith Berry were all caught with marijuana in their urine, and the latter two also had testosterone levels well above the 4 to 1 limit.

Not a good look for the organization that is trying to avoid becoming the new Strikeforce; No word yet on the punishment to be handed down to the doped up goons of Bellator 127, perhaps some sort of unveiling of old enemies followed by pretend fighting would fit the BMMA business model?

  • Justin Sane

    I dont know why they ban weed. It doesnt help you become a better fighter. It actually makes it worse. unless they’re using it as a natural pain killer while training.

    • murderous1

      I read and was told it doesn’t make you better at anything

      • RandomMohawk

        Even as an advocate for legalization, Cannabis does earn it’s place on the banned substances list. The first and foremost argument is the one of legality. It isn’t uniformly recreational legal in nearly any country, so it doesn’t fly in sports.

        Secondly, “performance-enhancing” is only one of three criteria on banned substance lists, with the other two being potential health risks and the spirit of the sport, so even just counting long term effects of usage and the (admittedly subjective) classification as “against the sport” gets it banned,

        Third, I will never argue that the pros of marijuana usage for sports outweigh the heavy cons, but a lot of people seem to forget that few pros DO exist. The drug can reduce nerves such as fear and anxiety and can even increase oxygenation and concentration. Now, though we often see the sport as brutal aggression, we’ve all heard the comparisons between grappling and “chess matches,” and some fighters are thinkers that need to be calm and collected under pressure. The stress-relieving effects of marijuana can combat that. (Ya know, if you’re willing to take the loss of cognitive performance, perception distortion, slowed reactions, lowered testosterone, breathing issues, slowed learning and memory, and the list goes on)

  • thexperience1

    Bottom line is, its banned… They know it and should stick to it.

  • Entity

    Guess they thought working for a guy named “Coker” gave them a free pass.

  • RandomMohawk

    Hey, another reason to hate that douche Emerson? That card wasn’t so bad after all!

    Two people got popped for marijuana and elevated testosterone? How in the hell does that happen? One would figure those to be kinda contradictory.