Aoki vs Melendez booked for April 17th Strikeforce Lightweight Title fight


Gilbert Melendez, the current Strikeforce Lightweight Champion, is set to face Shinya Aoki, the current Dream Lightweight Champion on CBS in April.

Melendez is been wanting to fight Aoki ever since he regained his title back in December.

“All of a sudden this year, I avenged both my losses. I cleaned my slate. I beat Rodrigo Damm, a tough guy, I’m the champ again, and now they’re talking about me fighting the No. 2 guy in the world.” Melendez stated. “One win away from being top five in the world again.”

Melendez recently beat the only two fighters that have beaten him, Thomson and Ishida, and also, has beaten other high caliber fighter like Kawajiri, Guida and Damm. Melendez will try to continue his three fight win streak when he faces Aoki in April.

While, Aoki is considered one of the best grapplers in MMA at the moment and is currently riding a three fight win streak and throughout his career he has beaten fighters such as; Hansen, Alvarez, Calvancante and Riberio. During his most recent fight, Aoki broke his opponent’s arm and then flipped his opponent and the crowd off. Aoki will also, try to continue his three fight win streak when he faces Melendez in April. The winner of this fight will become the undisputed Lightweight Champion of both Dream and Strikeforce.

Other match-ups scheduled on Strikeforce:CBS are Mousasi vs King Mo and Henderson vs Shields

  • LOL at Aoki being called the number two LW the world. Still this should be a pretty exciting fight.

  • He is number two on Sherdog, inside mma and other mma sites and he has beaten the top fighters in the world but ya good fight and a good card 3 title on the line

  • I hope melendez wins this 1

  • ****ing. Awesome. I love Aoki.

  • great fightcard …without fedor!!!!

    co-promotion is good for MMA!!! helps to make this sport more popular!!!

    hendo vs shields ko hendo
    mousasi vs mo mousasi submission?!
    aoki vs melendez aoki submission

  • I know a lot of ppl do have him ranked that high (and yes i do know my bolded all caps lol was a little overdramatic lol) but I just personally disagree with him being that high. Everyone knows he’s a one trick pony and I think almost any top or near-top LW is capable of beating him if they can stay off the ground and Aoki doesnt have necessarily the most dominant takedowns to force the fight there, that being said most of his fights do end up hitting the ground at some point so I suppose he gets the job done

  • Aoki will put you in a submission before you hit the ground to force the issue. hes got issues with upkicks and against good LW strikers he has shown he can be knocked out, but to say he isnt the #2 LW in the world behind BJ is just stupid. hes avenged his 1 LW loss and his other 3 losses came in the WW division. from the way you talk you only seem to watch the UFC and probably only started recently (as in you think brock lesnar is the best HW in the world and what not)

    i will agree that he is lacking in the stand up, and that is where penn would take advantage of him, but other fighters would just get dominated by him as melendez will in april

  • That is a ****ing interesting fight! I wonder how aoki will do without his pants…

  • This April card should be awesome

  • will be awesome…
    being knocked out on your feet tends to make one train standup more often. when you dominate so hard on the ground, it allows for even more time to train standup. just saying… things change quickly when everyone is working to fill in holes in their game. i hope the transition is smooth.

  • i’m more excited about the sf april card than ufc april card, sf one has 3 titles on the like, but ufc card would hve been better if vitor was fighting

  • I hope aoki will break a melendez member ! (joke)

  • i am sorry but florian would crush aoki, along with guys like sanchez, etc. bj penn would rape him like a bitch. aoki is not good against strikers because the fight starts on the feet.

  • Agree 100% with pranabowjake, one thing you learn about Aoki as you watch him is that he is a true spider, and what I mean with that is that he just sticks to you, wraps his limps around you (which seem to have no joints) and submits you regardless if you go to the ground or not.

    I honestly believe Aoki is the best submission artist in the world and looks quite significantly better then someone like Maia.

  • speculation, Aoki has the ability to submit people from any position, I am sure he will soon submit someone while they have him mounted.

    I believe Aoki would be a huge test for any of those guys and I believe he would destroy Sanchez actually.

  • Great great fight, this is such an awesome thing, join belts in MMA! Would be so crazy if Aoki wins and gets both belts and they make a fight between Aoki and BJ, unfortunately the UFC would never let that happen.

  • I wonder will Aoki be wearing his pants…

  • nah. pants aren’t sanctioned under unified rules. so not in north america he aint. i checked. 10th p is no-gi jj anyways, not that they don’t help. but two knee pads and ankle braces are effectively the same.

  • Gnasty, I think you’ve got it right on this one. I definitely feel Florian is the #2 in the world, even though he got dominated by BJ, (but who doesn’t these days). Florians stand up is way better than Aoki, and his Jiu Jitsu is solid. With that being said Aoki’s upcoming fight with Melendez will be a good test to see if he really deserves the # 2 spot in lightweight.

  • no, he won’t wear pants, like the Greeks.

  • What a good match this is going to be. I see AOKI TAKING THIS ONE.

  • akoi could win this fight 5 ways and all in the 1st round i want to see akoi break his arm and then to tell him to **** off

  • Aoki is gonna mess Melendez up