Anderson Silva Posts Photo On Crutches With His Family


Anderson Silva may have come off second best at UFC 168, but ‘The Spider’ is still dominating the headlines. Much like after their first meeting, Middleweight champ Chris Weidman is coming off second best in the media race. Silva’s horrific broken leg has been the topic of much discussion, and it appeared that the former MW boss was shattered by the events at 168.

In a recent photo tweeted by Silva, he appears to be happy with his family as he wishes everyone a happy new year. It’s great to see a smile on the former champ’s face after such a nasty end to 2013.

Depending on how long it takes to heal the leg, Silva could potentially be back in action this year. Question is, who would ‘The Spider’ fight? A third fight with Chris Weidman might prove too soon, although Vitor Belfort could be champion by the time Silva is back.

Maybe Silva changes his mind and decides that this is too much to come back from. I personally wouldn’t blame him at all, after all he is 38 years of age and one of the GOAT. I would much prefer to see a comeback, but I know that this would be a huge gamble for Silva’s legacy.

  • At 38, coming off that injury, I think he should retire and be in good health for himself and his family. Although I do not like the way he taunted his opponents, I still think that his display of skill was a beautiful thing for the growing sport of MMA. He showed where this sport can be, beyond just boxing/wrestling combat.

  • i doubt he would stop now. he's not a quitter like GSP, and i'm sure he wants to end his career on a good note. he has several fights left on his UFC contract, and im sure he'll take this time to rest up fully and try again

    • Agreed, GSP is a quitter. He quit a 12 fight winning streak, inclusive of 9 straight title defenses and with his health intact, and millions in his pockets; fame everywhere he goes. He's the very definition of the word quitter. Personally, I wish I was that good at quitting.

      • EPIC troll skills @adobostreak

      • Brian, your calling gsp a quitter the guy who basically made the ufc relevant in canada and dominated a division from the very beginning this guy has fought more battles and came back from more adversity than 90% of the champions the ufc has ever crowned. He walked away from the sport because of reasons we both cant comprehend the amount of time focus and dedication gsp has spent trying to achieve greatness, the amount of pressure placed on his shoulders you will never begin to comprehend firas zahabi said it best himself people like you brian just wont understand they ll call him a quitter and say he left when **** got tough well im not the biggest gsp fan ever but he deserves respect and your comment is just uncalled for gsp doesnt owe us anything he gave us the best years of his life give that guy a break he gave hendricks a great fight and i think his heart wasnt even in fighting during his hendricks camp with all the rumours of retirement he still fought to the best of his ability took shots that have put other top ww contenders out cold and if he does come back and i believe he will, people like you calling him a quitter are going to have to bite your tongues

        • With all due respect, I think you need to reread Brian's comments and learn to have a grasp on a bit of sarcasm Pride.

          • Completely misunderstood sorry brian brains not working to well atm

          • lol NoPride,thick oozing sarcasm lol

          • LOL!…Don't worry about it, man. For the record, Rush is / was my favorite fighter; first among equals, if you will.

            …and thanks for the read and the passionate defense of the greatest welterweight champion of all-time. 🙂

          • LOL!

  • Well its clear now that even though the injury "looks" gruesome and career ending… it's not nearly as bad as it seems. It's safe to say Anderson's injury is less severe than a thorn ACL… (look at GSP and Cruz). His leg will actually be stronger after he recovers. I'm pretty sure he'll be back in action. Maybe not by the end of this year, cause he'll probably take enough time to properly train for his comeback… I'd say early 2015 we'll see Silva back in action.

    • Can you explain to me how an ACL injury is more sever than what happened to Anderson. i just had ACL reconstruction and i am already walking normal post op a month. Many NBA players tear there ACL's and come back at the same level if not better sometimes so why is that you think an ACL is such a sever injury do explain

  • If Silva gets off the crutches and feels amazing then that burning desire to compete may still be there. Noone has to worry about Silva's rehab. The UFC will ensure that he has the best rehab that money can buy.

  • The greatest at his weight class!

  • Just glad to see him up and smiling.

    • B.C – Really?

    • Thats what I was thinking, just glad to see him with his family and heading towards recovery whether he fights again or not. That fight was hard to watch.

      • He has nothing else to prove to anyone, therefore I don't think he'll ever fight again.

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