After knocking out Kos, who should Robbie Lawler face next?


When former UFC fighter and Strikeforce transplant Robbie Lawler steeped into the Octagon to face Josh Koscheck at UFC 157, many thought it was just a tuneup fight for Kos, who was coming off of a back injury. Forced to withdraw from the UFC 151 co-main event against Jake Ellenberger, most figured Koscheck would run through Lawler as a 3-to-1 favorite.


However, “Ruthless” had something else entirely to say about the subject. After being controlled early on by Koscheck’s well-known wrestling, Lawler reversed the tides by putting his infamous opponent away with a brutal series of punches that left Koscheck staring at the stars.


It was an unlikely victory, and an absolutely huge one for Lawler, who was fighting at 170 after making the move up to 185 with mixed results. Truth be told, the Strikeforce imports have made quite the impact upon the UFC Welterweight division in a very short period of time. First, Tyron Woodley knocked out Jay Hieron in under a minute. Then Nate Marquardt stepped onto the UFC 158 card to fight Ellenberger in what should an exciting battle of power strikers. Now, Lawler knocks out Koscheck to shake up the higher end of the division a bit.


I know that Koscheck is getting up there in age, and was also coming off injury. But the fact remains that he fought surging contender Johny Hendricks to a hard-fought split decision last April. No one has been able to even make it out of the first round with Hendricks lately, evident by his vicious first round knockouts of Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann. I don’t think Kos won that fight. He didn’t. But he definitely gave Hendricks far more a run for his money than anyone else has lately.


With that said, who should Lawler face next? The 170 lb. division is ultra-talented right now, and the top-heavy rankings have most of the best Welterweights fighting soon at UFC 158 from Montreal. Since Lawler escaped unscathed last Saturday night, there could be a litany of great matchups for him to face either the winner or losers of those three high-profile 170 lb. Bouts on March 16th.


He proved that he could shake off top wrestlers this weekend, and he could be a threat to anyone in the division with his relentless striking attack. At the very least, Lawler could provide an entertaining battle for the fans rather than a snoozefest. Lawler comes to fight, and if Hendricks does lose to Condit, or vice versa, a matchup with either of those fighters would be great for Lawler in my opinion.


Or how about a fight against Rory MacDonald once he returns from his neck injury? That could turn out to be highly exciting. No one gave Lawler much of a chance heading into UFC 157, but he defined the oft-used cliche of “A puncher’s chance.” When he’s on his game, he can knock anyone out. Kos looked in great shape physically, although he probably had some lingering ring rust. Even a bout with Marquardt or Ellenberger down the road has potential for fireworks.


After his great victory on Saturday, Robbie Lawler has options in the UFC, as Dana White loves fighters who come to fight and put on a show. He does just that. I think he would again be an underdog facing any on the names listed above. But as he showed us last weekend, you can never count Robbie Lawler out. Who should he step into the Octagon to face next?

  • I don't know that Robbie really did anything to prove he's a top contender. He really just sprawled on Kos and hit him once, and I agree with the notion that the stoppage was premature. Not to mention Kos was 2-2 in his last four and struggling to find success after leaving AKA and being inactive for the better part of a year. Robbie was also 1-3 in his last four and not just losses but dominating losses at that. I think Robbie's not anywhere near the caliber of a Rory MacDonald yet. Personally, I'd like to see him take on Court McGee and build up his record a little bit more before going after the upper tier of the WW division.

    • i think frank shamrock could be a good match up, please let frank shamrock return to the ufc. he's the best at 179 and 185 pounds.

  • Anybody in the world because FUKIN WAR ROBBIE LAWLER MOTHER****ERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • WIth my inner fanboy out;

      The stoppage was early (even with Lawler's insane fight ending power), and it did nothing to dispel the two things Lawler has struggled with in his career. Mental mistakes turning into submissions, and cardio failing him.

      I'd like to see him against Maia, and if he wins that in a #1 contenders match (considering his age).

      • @Evan Don't feed him to the human python yet that would be unfair, let him really work his TDD then put him against Kampman that would be a good test.

      • The stoppage was not early, if the ref didn't stop it Koscheck would of taken a lot more unnecessary power shots to the head. As much as I would of enjoyed seeing the loser beat into oblivion the ref mad the right call.

  • Robbie was nearly as lucky with Kos as Hendricks was with Fitch.IMO.

  • i not a kos fan but that was bull kos must be one of the guys dana wants to cut next so they screwed him over stopped way to early

    • gm1

      Dana just said on the post fight interview that he likes Kos despite that everybody else hates him.

      Im sorry but either Lawler or Kos were very impressive. Lawler in my opinion nearly knocked out Kos. After a few punches Kos dropped his hands and looked like he was going out. Not defending yourself is grouns for stoppage. Another thing is that Kos was doing the old boring wrestling……and not even advancing on Lawler. Lawler held Kos off and his wrestling. Kos is weak!!! but Lawler most critical weakness is his Gastank…..which alot of fighters in 170LBS need to compete in this div.

      • kos was done. hes lucky they stopped it before lawler could of really put him to sleep, josh was not intelligently protecting himself with his hands, and lawler was dropping bombs. Ive always been a fan of rob and if he comes into every fight with proper cardio and reaction time, he will annihilate people, and lets hope so. hes like a small dan henderson.

    • Dana White has nothing to do with the refs.

  • @Rindy you could be right I think DW is looking to get rid of expensive wrestlers bc the basic fans want Boxing with tripping not really MMA

  • ie he got rid of fitch as well

  • "After knocking out Kos, who should Robbie Lawler face next?"

    Judging by recent events it's going to be the UFC's head of HR.

  • Someone upper mid-tier would be good, borderline top 10. Wouldn't mind seeing him fight Tyrone Woodley, Mike Pierce, Mike Pyle, (Pyle might already have a fight). Even Court McGee would be a decent match-up.

    On the stoppage, I thought it was fair.
    I think it would have been easier to accept if he got to attack for a few more seconds but I believe the outcome would have been the same but just with extra unnecessary damage taken by Kos.
    It looked like after Robbie hit Kos off his knees on to the cage he landed one more big hit that flash KO'd Kos, his eyes weren't responsive and his arms went stiff.
    I think if Kos was standing and the same strike landed his feet would have went out, it was just an awkward position to see if he was out or not.

    It was pretty much the same thing as Hendo/Fedor.

    • Listening to Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour as I wrote the above and he mentions Lawler vs. Kampmann…. that is a great match up.

  • Well Kampman got beat last time he fought,so who knows if that fight makes sense even though is a good match up,maybe Lawler vs Woodley? Def not Maia…Mike Pierce? Just saying,I'd like Robbie in a total war against Diego.

    • Did Ellenberger ever get a replacement?

  • All I know is, if you dont like to see Robbie KO guys with 4 oz. gloves you probably grew up playing with dolls and the girls on your block. 8D

  • he should fight MR.JOHNNY HENDRICKS

  • Give him Riddle. That dude needs a good punch & canvas bounce combo to the head just like our fragglefuk did.
    But seriously, the devision is so stacked he could fight any rising prospect f.E. from Gunnar Nelson to Stephen Thompson to Tyrone Woodley. Hell, a fight against Hendricks, Maia, Marquardt, yum yum kim (if he wins in Japan) of Rory Mcdonald would be fine with me, because Lawler's always going for the KO.

  • @Mike….I like your idea of a Rory Mcdonald fight. Young lion vs old lion. The timing would work out well considering that we won't know the outcome of the Montreal card and if guys will stay healthy.

    Rory's injury does not seem complex so he should be back soon ready.

  • Lawler Vs. Diaz II

    • i like this matchup or the one wit sanchez in terms of guranteed action

  • Rory Macdonald when he returns from injury. That will give Rory something to feed on, on the way to his title shot.