A very visibly drained Dana White appears in his UFC 162 post-fight media scrum to address the many topics of discussion that tend to arise with a card of that magnitude. An interviewer asks white if he thinks that Anderson Silva has  bit of relief about him after his loss to Chris Weidman, to which White said it was maybe half true.

He also believes that Silva will want the rematch for sure once he allows the loss to sink in. However, all of the proposed super fights that White had on his table are toast for the moment. White admits that he is exhausted and pissed off, and was getting visibly angered at the reporters' questions.

White also acknowledged that Roy Jones Jr. was bummed out about Silva's loss, because he was interested in boxing The Spider. White addressed the absolute shock among fans around the world when Silva actually got knocked out. He also said that he thinks Silva will take the rematch much more seriously and not clown around. White believes that Silva will soon want the belt back after having held it for so long: