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Tate vs. Zingano, Browne vs. Gonzaga, Mighty Mouse vs. Moraga added to TUF 17 Finale


The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale shapes as a stacked fighter, taking place on April 13th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Today, the UFC announced three high-profile main card bouts for TUF 17 Finale. The first is the headlining bout between Demetrious Johnson and John Moraga for the UFC Flyweight title. This will be Johnson’s second title defense, shortly after edging John Dodson via decision. John Moraga comes to this fight with a record of 13-1, 2-0 inside the Octagon.

Also on the card, Travis “Hapa” Browne returns against Gabriel Gonzaga. Both fighters will be looking to make a statement, with sights on re-claiming their spot in the mix for a shot at the UFC Heavyweight title. Browne is coming off a loss to Bigfoot Silva, while Gonzaga is currently on a two-fight win streak, both via submission.

Last but definitely not the least, Miesha Tate will celebrate her UFC debut against the relatively unknown Cat Zingano.  This will be the second WMMA fight in the UFC, more than one month after Ronda Rousey defends her title against Liz Carmouche. Zingano is a well-rounded fighter with a convincing 7-0 record (3 KO/TKO, 3 Sub), looking to put a dent in Miesha Tate‘s title shot aspirations. As for Tate, victory over Zingano will earn “Cupcake” the long-awaited rematch with Ronda Rousey, so we can definitely see this as a #1 contender bout.

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  • Good HW fight but why would Gonzaga (3 fight win streak) is facing a guy just out of a loss??

    • Looks like a pretty stacked card. I think the reason Brown got the shot against Gonzaga given the logistics you pointed out is Brown is a promising fighter. By that I mean the UFC and a lot of fans have a lot of faith in him, the last fight could have just been a bad showing and Big foot, like WU TANG ain't nothin' to Fu** with.

      On the other hand Gonzaga has bottomed out in the past, so maybe it's chance for both to prove themselves – steel sharpens steel.

      I don't know just an opinion.

    • i agree gonzaga should fight someone else

    • Gonzaga is working his way back up from the bottom, while Browne is trying to stop his fall from near the top. It seems to me like they are meeting in the middle to figure out where they actually stand. This will be an interesting fight, along with the rest of the card.

    • looks lyk gonsaga is going to be TKO'd again for sure. He has such a lousy fighter.

  • I like Gabriel Gonzaga his fights are always exciting he has only 1 ufc fight out of 14 that went to a decision. You can pretty much bet that someones getting stopped in this one.

  • If iI brought Meisha tate around to meet my family dressed the way she is in the photo with kneecap boots, scraggy hair and short hot pants, my dad would say "make sure you wear two rubbers just to be on the safe side…

    • You know damn well that if you brought someone home who looked like her they would be shocked… but not for that reason =p

    • I thought you didn't like girls? What evs, either way, I don't judge.

    • OK OK if we are going to add the women to the cards then lets recruit a bunch so it will at least be interesting. Mesha vs Ronda has been there and done that. Who was it viticus that put on a all women event…. all in or all out.

      • Oh and Mesha looks like a angry hooker in that outfit!

  • she looks gorgeous in this pic, but then again every girl looks gorgeous to me….standards..who needs them

  • Meisha may have lost in MMA competition but put that photo above against Ronda's playboy photos and we got ourselves a game!

    • I meant ESPN Body Issue for Ronda obviously… but damn I wish it was Playboy haha

  • Well ronda is hot but her cute no make up look is like I said CUTE. But DAMN her traps are so manly. I gave up on shrugs years ago because I could not get them like that. All in all pushing from behind could be a weird site with those shoulders. Oh and what the hell is a stacked fighter????????