Perennial UFC light heavyweight contender Mauricio "Shogun" Rua has always been known for the thunderous power of his strikes. However, he has never been regarded as the most technical of boxers. Because of this, he enlisted the training of famed boxing coach Freddie Roach for his upcoming bout in the August 17th main event of UFC on Fox Sports 1: Boston.

In this video from the UFC, Roach proclaims that Shogun was indeed a bit rough around the edges when he first stepped into Wild Card boxing, but learned very quickly. Shogun states that he and Roach worked extensively on his jab and left hand in order to keep distance against a well known wrestler like Sonnen. 

Rua appears quite enthused about his training with Roach, noting that he likes the atmosphere because they laugh and joke around a lot. But the main focus is on business, and Shogun appears ready for battle, noting that he now "punches like Superman." Will he need superhuman powers to defeat the win-starved Sonnen in Boston?