It's been both a crazy and successful year for the UFC with three more title fights to go before the curtains close on 2013. November is a huge month for the UFC, hosting three big events with the highly anticipated title bout between GSP and Johnny Hendricks on November 16 in Las Vegas. Then on December 28th, Anderson Silva fights Chris Weidman with Rhonda Rousey vs Miesha Tate as the co-main event.

While we anxiously wait for these exciting matchups, its time to ask the fans what fights would you like to see booked in 2014?  Listed below our some of our favourite fighters to kick off the debate.

1. Rich Franklin-Rich has one fight left on his UFC contract and lets face it he has absolutely nothing to prove. A true gentelemen in the sport who deserves a respectable opponent in a potential farewell retirement bout. Michael Bisping has been a name that has been thrown around however Bisping is considerably higher ranked. With Franklin having no plans of a last ditch title run there is the possibility of a catchweight fight also. Lets look at some options.

Rich Franklin vs. Cung Le 2 (Redemption for Rich after being KO’d)

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva 3

Rich Franklin vs. Michael Bisping

Rich Franklin vs. Alan Belcher

Rich Franklin VS Chris Leben

2. Wanderlei Silva-There is only one fight that people are currently talking about and that is the fight against Chael Sonnen. In the event that this fight does not take place there are many potential matchups available for Wanderlei Silva that will draw the crowds. Lets take a look at them.

Wanderlei Silva VS Chris Leben 2 (Chris wins the first fight with a shocking KO).

Wanderlei Silva VS Vitor Belfort (Belfort destroys Wanderlei R 1 UFC 1998 Brazil. (unlikely to happen due to Belfort’s higher ranking status).

Wanderlei Silva VS Dan Henderson 3 (both fighters have a win) (unlikely to happen due to Dan Henderson’s higher ranking status).

3. Nick Diaz-Nick Diaz believes that he deserves another title shot and while he is sitting on the sidelines I believe a favourable pay cheque will prompt him to return no later than mid 2014. Rory Mc Donald is a highly ranked fighter who makes a lot of sense considering Rory dismantled Nate Diaz and this fight serves as a redemption for the Diaz family name. Another interesting bout includes;

Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawlor 2. Robbie is on the rise in the welterweight division and would love to give back the KO Nick delivered in 2004.

4.Junior Dos Santos-There is one fight that makes a lot of sense right now for when Jnr Dos Santos is ready to return. If Alistair Overeem manages to defeat Frank Mir in February 2014 then Jnr and Alistair should face off considering the bad blood between them. 

5. Alistair Overeem –While the Jnr Dos Santos fight makes a lot of sense something tells me that Overeem vs. 'Bigfoot' Silva II is worth promoting. No one forgets Alistair’s lifeless body being belted to the canvas by 'Bigfoot.'

6. Korean Zombie- The Korean Zombie is out injured along with Connor Mc Gregor. This would make for a great fight on their return.

7. Miesha Tate –There is a lot of hype around Rhonda Rousey vs Miesha Tate 2 but the fight I would love to see in 2014 is Miesha Tate vs Cat Zingano 2. Hopefully Cat Zingano will return healthy after knee surgery.

So there you have it. Tell us what fights you would love to see in 2014 and if any fights above interest you.