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Ronda Rousey says she would kick the crap out of Kim Kardashian


In a promotional video for the ESPN “Body” Magazine, Strikeforce Bantanweight women’s champ Ronda Rousey speaks out against the female role models in place in America, namey Kim Kardashian. Always outspoken and brash, Rousey is quickly becoming a popular female version of Chael Sonnen with her extreme quotability. Obviously she has the ring skills and the skyrocketing fame to match currently. She lightens up the conversation a bit by talking about her diet. A good interview with the women’s champion, who speaks her mind and is sure to gain thousands if not millions of followers when her ESPN ‘Body’ cover is released this Friday. – courtesy of ESN.com

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  • I think Rousey vs Kim Kardashian would look a lot like the Hulk vs Loki in the Avengers. But more brutal. “Puny Diva”

  • so she can sell he body to espn but kim cant sell her body??? and ofcourse u could beat her a$$ ur a pro fighter!!

  • This is how much I care about this. ( )

  • No she can not suck **** on camera to a B/C level hip hop r and b singer, to become famous…. If Rhonda did that for fame she would be shunned upon. Kim doesn’t bother me, it just makes me kind of ill how rich her family has become, over a BJ

  • Well she does have height, reach, cardio, weight class, strength, power, and all around skill on Kim. Come to think of it I dont see Kim having anything for her if this fight were to go down. Meh I’d still pay for it. Coker make it happen.

  • Why are you getting bent out of shape SilvaisKing?
    I think you missed the point is all – She didn’t say she could Beat up Kim she said she “would” we all know she could..
    The reason she is on the cover is to provide young girls with a different role model – sex and glam sells and that is what young women want to be – so instead of following a sex tape “Star” she is trying to show that fame and good fortune comes to those who work hard – and who works harder than fighters?
    I’m sure you wont be so bothered now when you think about it.

  • I would pay to watch that

  • This is how much I care about this. ( o )( o )

  • hmmm warrior diet. never heard of anyone famous doing it.
    tried it but coudlnt make it work for me.

  • Ray J made an entire family rich and famous with just his ****…..think about it and it will “blow” you away.

  • well kim could make dat ass clap and win by ground n pound

  • This was funnier than mine. You one upped me, and I hate you.

  • Whats up with Rhonda Rousey calling out Kim K.

    Kim K tried her best in that movie

  • I don’t think that is such a big deal DKM, I think you could take Kim too 😉

    It’s a little like Chael Sonnen saying I could take Pee Wee Herman. It’s not like anyone thought Kim was a threat.

  • Just remember, they start out like this ( * ) ( * ) and end up like this ( , ) ( , )

  • Ive never understood all the hype behind Kim K. I really don’t think shes hot enough for all that, and she and her family are obnoxious and annoying as hell.

  • Kim is a bad example, I agree. I don’t even find her beautiful or smart, so I do not know what the whole fuss is about. But Ronda with her “bold” ways of bad-mouthing opponents is a bad example too. This is not the way a world-class athlete should express herself.

  • She’s trying to counter the bullsh*t culture we are bombarded with, where everything is hyper-sexed to sell you commodities. Surely her discipline and hard work as a world class athlete allow her to campaign for her personal views about what a role model should be. Nothing wrong with being angry and passionate and calling out the fakeness in this world. She’s not a spectator just giving an opinion, she’s in a position to reach and influence a younger female audience who so far have been very misguided by the likes of Kim, and that’s something to be upset about, especially if you have a little sister or daughter to put it into context with.

  • dont forget she swallowed to!