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Jon Jones: My Goal Is To Dominate Glover Like No One’s Ever Seen


Dominant UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is looking for his record seventh straight title defense when he faces Brazilian slugger Glover Teixeira in the main event of April 26’s UFC 172 from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.

Alexander Gustafsson nearly wrested the belt from Jones’ iron grip by at last September’s UFC 165, but a come-from-behind victory thanks to a strong showing in the championship rounds broke the record Jones shared with Tito Ortiz.

Many (if not most) are already looking forward to Jones’ perceived rematch with “The Mauler,” who earned his next title shot with a second round finish of Jimi Manuwa in the main event of early March’s UFC Fight Night 37 in London. All of the hype surrounding that fight would seem to portray the sense that Jones is looking past Teixeira, but as the champ revealed on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight,” he’s intently focused on making a statement at UFC 172:

That may just be a tough thing to accomplish against Chuck Liddell-trained Teixeira, who has a 20-fight win streak intact. Still, he hasn’t really fought any truly legitimate contenders during his five-fight win streak since coming to the UFC in early 2012. But with the punching power he has, a shocking victory might be only one shot away.

He’ll have to get inside Jones’ insane reach advantage to do so, and that has been far and away the hardest thing to do against “Bones” thus far. The champ’s aura of invincibility was undoubtedly ripped away when Gustafsson battered him at UFC 165, even becoming the first-ever fighter to take down Jones in the Octagon.

He can go a long way towards re-establishing that reputation by finishing Teixeira in Baltimore. Either way, the winner is on a collision course for the championship-starved Gustafsson, a scary proposition for any light heavyweight in the world right now. Will we see a return of the previously untouchable “Bones”?

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  • Good luck Jones..but i think Glover will knock you out.

  • jones will hold him down and win by tko with ugly gnp….that being said i wish glover would land a haymaker an ko jones

  • Didn't he say the same thing to Rashad? Jones has been a little too predictable and it showed in the Gustafsson fight. I think Glover's got his number.

  • Jones haters are pretty funny

    He's predictable? LOL? he outstruck and blanked rashad 5-0 and took no damage. He's outstruck everybody he's fought.

    As great as Gus fought jones was NEVER wobbled or remotely close to being knocked down or hurt. He rose to the occasion and wrecked gus the last 2 rounds.

    He consistently out strikes strikers and takes down and dominates wrestlers and grapplers.

    • He never finished or "destroyed" Rashad like he said he would. His style is very predictable, he telegraphed all his spinning back elbows against Gus. His efficacy is directly related to his reach and Gus proved that fact. All he had to do was stay on the outside picking at Jones and he made his face look like hamburger hill. Not to mention Gus took him down and was able to stuff more of Jon's takedowns because he had a lot of evidence on Jones to learn from. Glover has the same resources and after the way Jones was battered up last fight I think he can pinpoint a lot of weaknesses in Jones game.

  • You're nuts. Rashad was picked apart and was a wreck leaving the fight. head swollen and he was rocked several times. yea Gus did well, but if you want to talk about appearance gus was busted up worse and could barely finish last round. Take downs are worthless unless you do something with them- gus did not and JJ won a minimum of 3 rounds, possibly 4. It was a great fight but jones was clearly the winner

  • I'm not nuts just google the post fight hospital picture Gus was definitely not busted up worse. Takedowns aren't worthless to a guy that had perfect takedown defense before the fight. My initial point you've ignored is that Jones armor was tested and Glover will in all likelihood capitalize on any potential cracks. Now stop being such a meat lover and accept that Jones isn't immortal.

  • Don't be so sensitive – Tough talk over the internet coward. Nobody disputed that Jones was not tested and nobody thinks he's invincible or whatever you're trying but failing to articulate. Jones still was close to finishing gus and gus was NEVER close to ending the fight with Jones. Cuts and visible injuries don't matter as much as getting knocked out or hurt.

    Easy to call names and talk big over a keyboard.