UFC welterweight title contender Johny Hendricks has a UFC 167 title bout in November that's been a long time coming. He's beaten everyone the UFC has put in his path as of late, destroying such notable foes as Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann with vicious knockouts, and edging former inerim champ Carlos Condit in a back-and-forth war at UFC 158.

However, when he steps into the cage this November to finally face off with longtime champion Georges St-Pierre, Hendricks will have a different challenge in front of him: the challenge to make GSP's fights exciting once again. After all, the champ has been derided more and more with each decision he wins, predictably grinding his opponents down to ineffectiveness. 

Hendricks recently met up with MMAXp0sed to discuss his excitement for the biggest fight of his life. 'Bigg Rigg' noted that he can't fight boring like he believes GSP's style to be:

"I just wanna punch him. Punch him in the friggin face, and you know, see how it goes from there. Hopefully I can make GSP exciting. That's my gameplan."