UFC Welterweight champion, Georges "Rush" St. Pierre, has responded to the ongoing rumors about his intentions to demand no less than 50 million dollars to get inside the Octagon with Anderson Silva. The rumors spread like wildfire, after one of the most respected figures in MMA media, Mike Straka, revealed on MMAFighting.com's MMA Beatdown that "sources close to GSP" mentioned the astronomical figure:

“I was told by somebody very close to Georges; that Georges today, makes close to eight million dollars a fight. So to fight Anderson Silva, he’s going to ask for fifty million dollars. Five-zero, because he said that Georges has ten fights left in his career, at eight million a fight.

But he believes that Anderson could actually hurt him, could physically hurt him and end his career. So to take that chance he wants fifty million dollars, and that’s exactly the number he’s going to go to Dana White with”

However, luckily (or not) for MMA fans around the world, St. Pierre labelled the claim as "not true" (98.5 FM, via bloodyelbow.com):

"I have not been informed of this, it is not true," said GSP. "Nobody told me about it and I am in France now, I have not seen the article."

St. Pierre is yet to release any official statement about his future, but it becomes clear that the French-Canadian fighter will choose between facing Nick Diaz at 170, or Anderson Silva at a pre-determined catchweight bout. According to Silva's management, "The Spider" could move down to 180, or even 178 pounds, but definitely not down to 170. Silva's conditioning doctor recently stated that a move down to Welterweight would be simply too much for hte Brazilian.

Stay tuned to LowKick.com for more. In the meanwhile, here's a video from over a year ago of GSP talking about fighting Anderson Silva.