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Forrest Griffin And Stephan Bonnar To Be Inducted In To UFC Hall Of Fame


Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar are to be inducted in to the UFC‘s Hall of Fame this year. The two are most well known for their epic slugfest, which took place at TUF 1 finale. The fight helped catapult MMA and the UFC in to the mainstream, and made Griffin and Bonnar household names (kinda). Both went on to lead seven-year careers in the UFC before retiring this year, Bonnar called it quits following his loss to Anderson Silva, while Griffin has been inactive since beating Tito Ortiz in July of 2012.

Griffin captured the UFC‘s Light-Heavyweight title after beating Quinton Jackson at UFC 86 and also beat guys like Shogun Rua, Bonnar in a rematch, Tito Ortiz (twice). Griffin even faced Anderson Silva and has eventually called it quits after compiling a 19-7 record in MMA. Bonnar never turned out to be championship material but he did earn some good wins against Krzystof Soszynski, Kyle Kingsbury, Eric Schafer and Igor Pokrajac.

So with the new age of fighters coming up, the MMA world says a fond goodbye to two of our favorite warriors. It seems so long ago now that these two guys were standing and throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at each other to end TUF 1. Time will tell if both wind up with a position with the UFC‘s management, as Griffin spoke of a position doing charitable acts for the UFC.

Griffin and Bonnar will join such legends as Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Chuck Liddell, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz, Matt Hughes and Randy Couture in the UFC HOF.

  • Congrats to Griffin and Bonnar, Bonnar's only real claim to fame was his fight with Griffin which helped launch MMA. Other than that he was mediocre at his peak. I do feel his part in that fight was significant enough to earn him the nod however. Best of luck to both in the next stage of their lives. I'd love to hear Forrest call FX fights instead of Florian. He's just as knowledgeable and he'd add his bit of humor to it.

    • MMA into the USA's public eye as the UFC. MMA was already big in other countries

      • Hate to admit it, but it's kinda true though, specially in japan.

    • i think both of them should not be inducted, griffin just got lucky when he won the championship and bonnar use steroids and still lost his fight.

      • Have you ever been lucky enough to win a championship?

        • Big Foot got lucky to get to a title shot and then was shown the level of a title holder. Browne injured himself and Overeem was acting like a damn fool and got caught. Forrest was on a legitimate tear. Short but still has a pretty good resume.

        • both of these fighters should be put in the hall of shame, griffin is a freakin l0sser and bonnar is a cheater, i wish i will be in the ufc and beat this two gaySs and put them in hell.

  • bonnar is a lame *** cheater

  • That's great, but given how low-profile and event that is and that there is no "Hall of Fame" per se, it's kind of a nothing.

    If you're going to induct someone into a Hall of Fame, then they should make a big thing out of it…an event. The UFC does not do that, it's actually pretty lame.

    Sorry Dana, but on this subject The UFC doesn't get a passing grade.

  • who did bonnar beat?

  • Forrest is a 1st draft pick for the HOF – UFC LHW champion, one of two original The Ultimate Fighter winners, part of and winner of the legendary first fight with Stephan Bonnar (making him one of the most important fighters in the sport's history), great resume (Shogun, Rampage, Franklin, Tito, Sonnen) including two massive upsets wins over Shogun and Rampage when they were each respectively thought of as the best LHW in the world, incredible heart and work ethic, one of the most popular and exciting fighters ever (5 UFC FOTN and 4 unofficial FOTY awards).

    Unless you are a Anderson Silva, GSP kind of guy…. Forrest has one of the best careers in UFC history.

    Stephan Bonnar, while a good and important fighter, might not even get drafted.
    His only real accolade bringing him to the HOF is being part of the TUF Finale fight with Forrest and while that makes him an incredibly important fighter in the sport's history it is weighed against – UFC record of 7-8, never being considered top 10 of his division, no wins against top 10 competition (probably biggest win is over Kyle Kingsbury, who was brutally finished twice right after Bonnar beat him), two major drug tests fails for steroids including his last fight with Anderson Silva, never getting close to a title shot, losing to a 44 year old Coleman and being Coleman's only win in his last 4 years.

    I have respect for Bonnar, especially for his TUF Finale fight but when we are talking about HOF, guys to go down as all-time legends, does he really deserve it?
    Forrest Griffin does 100% but I'm not so sure about Bonnar, either way good for both of them!

    • ^This^

    • No drug cheats belong in the Hall of Fame….Otherwise what type of message does it put out there.
      Even Royce Gracie has tested positive.

  • Its kinda sad that legends like Shogun will not make to the ufc Hall of famers… I think his fight against Dan Henderson was the fight of all time.

  • Wow… Bonner? Speechless….