The MMA gods certainly seem to be dishing out some bad luck to Anthony Pettis, he will miss out on yet another title shot following his knee injury. Pettis campaigned for a shot at Benson Henderson's Lightweight title at UFC 164, but the knee injury that forced Pettis out of the Aldo fight will now also mean that his hopes are fighting at UFC 164 are squashed.

The injury that Pettis suffered, a torn meniscus, doesn't require surgery but will require an extended period of rest. Pettis had hoped that the injury would be more minor but, according to, a meeting with UFC doctors confirmed that a six week period of rest is necessary to heal up the injury.

Pettis sustained the injury while training with fellow UFC fighter Phil Davis, in what can only be described as another big knock to Pettis' title aspirations. So TJ Grant will indeed maintain his spot in the headliner at UFC 164, and Pettis will again watch the division move by without him.

The only good that can come from this situation is that Pettis should almost be guaranteed a title shot once he recovers, in any division. He has waited long enough, especially since he is the last man to beat Benson Henderson, and he has smashed some good competition in the UFC since joining.

When will the injury curse end? Stay tuned to Lowkick!