Anderson Silva may have come off second best at UFC 168, but ‘The Spider’ is still dominating the headlines. Much like after their first meeting, Middleweight champ Chris Weidman is coming off second best in the media race. Silva’s horrific broken leg has been the topic of much discussion, and it appeared that the former MW boss was shattered by the events at 168.

In a recent photo tweeted by Silva, he appears to be happy with his family as he wishes everyone a happy new year. It’s great to see a smile on the former champ’s face after such a nasty end to 2013.

Depending on how long it takes to heal the leg, Silva could potentially be back in action this year. Question is, who would ‘The Spider’ fight? A third fight with Chris Weidman might prove too soon, although Vitor Belfort could be champion by the time Silva is back.

Maybe Silva changes his mind and decides that this is too much to come back from. I personally wouldn’t blame him at all, after all he is 38 years of age and one of the GOAT. I would much prefer to see a comeback, but I know that this would be a huge gamble for Silva’s legacy.