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Quote: Conor McGregor Could Be Better Than Tony Ferguson On The Ground


With the MMA world awaiting UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor’s UFC return, the general consensus is that the polarizing Irishman will face interim champion Tony Ferguson when he does set foot back in the cage.

The initial thought was that the UFC would book McGregor’s foregone conclusion of a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz, but fan interest in terms of a meritocracy standpoint – at least in the minds of hardcore MMA fans – has seemingly shifted that focus to a bout with “El Cucuy.”

With much of the MMA world screaming for McGregor to finally defend one of his titles, even ‘The Notorious’ himself has admitted it’s time to “legitimize the rankings,” which suggests a bout with Ferguson is next up for the UFC’s biggest superstar. So with that match seemingly on the horizon, discussion about the fight’s outcome is beginning to surface in the fight world.

That was the case when McGregor’s training partner and Brazilian jiu-jitsu phenom Dillon Danis met up with Submission Radio (via Bloody Elbow) recently, where the outspoken grappler revealed his thoughts that McGregor would match or even surpass Ferguson on the ground despite the interim champion’s stellar reputation for finishing fights by submission:

“I don’t know what people judge that of off. I don’t know why they would say he has a superior advantage on the ground or stuff like that. People don’t even know what Conor’s Jiu Jitsu is like.

“So, with me training with Conor so much in his Jiu Jitsu, I feel like he’ll be fine on the ground or even better (than Ferguson).”

That may be a tough sell, but many are giving McGregor a clear edge on the feet – and justifiably so – as Ferguson has shown a penchant for sticking his chin high up in the air during his fights. With a solid chin, he takes a shot to land one or two of his own, but Danis said that’s path to certain demise against McGregor:

“I think Conor’s going to pick him apart on the feet, most likely knock him out early or he can probably do whatever he wants with him. Tony’s very sloppy. If you watch his fights, he gets hit a lot, and when you get hit against Conor you go out.”

As for whether or not the fight will happen, Danis believes it will, as Ferguson’s recent callout online has McGregor wanting to shut his mouth:

“I would think Tony Ferguson next because he won and Conor is gonna defend the belt and stuff like that. And me knowing Conor, Tony Ferguson is talking a lot of shit and I know Conor is gonna wanna shut him up. So I can see that happening.”

  • HeteroFriendly

    I guess.
    You would have to say that his hands are his strength. But maybe his ground game is good too and his hands are just that much better then his ground game, and most other peoples hands.

    It might be arguable that his sub loss to Nate was more a matter of reckless hubris and tactical miscalculation taking a last minute fight against dangerous but uneven opponent then bad ground game. He’s at least good enough that he didn’t let that happen again the second time.

  • Draven

    Sorry but Conor has no ground game or defence after seeing him give up against Nate so easily the first time.

    • Poochie

      You’re crazy. He was rocked and that was survival mode. He escaped from Mendes and actually won Diaz in the crapling in the first or second round when they fought don’t get me wrong, i don’t even like Conor that much.

      • Draven

        rocked or not, conor tapped out easily. if he’s so good or better than ferguson (who’s a bjj black belt) on the ground, who has conor submitted then?? i’ve seen tony get rocked and dropped by lando vannata, abel trujillo and kevin lee but he didn’t take the easy route and give up. he kept fighting and got back to his feet – that’s called survival mode – and came back to choke them out.

      • Murderous1

        Dillan just lost his last match so he shouldn’t be talking just a loser talking about another loser with Brain Damage in permanent survival mode brain still scrambled go read your comic books

  • Todd Lally


  • Johnny Carcosa

    I don’t think Conor is a bad grappler, he’s actually pretty good at it. He got submitted by Nate cause he was done, not for lack of skills. Tony is better overall.
    Anyway, Conor is a dominator, if he find himself in trouble, he quits. Tony never do that. Tony just needs to survive and make him tired. Conor’s cardio sux.