Fedor Emelianenko to return on June 21st in Russia


News broke today that legendary Heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko will fight his next bout on June 21, 2012, at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.  According to M-1 Global Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan, no opponent has been named as of yet:

While Emelianenko’s next fight may not be taking place in the UFC Octagon as many fans had hoped, it does raise the debate on who “The Last Emperor’s” next opponent should be.  Emelianenko had been on a downward slide recently, but has rebounded with a decision over Jeff Monson and an emphatic knockout over Satoshi Ishii to end 2011.  

Many fans think that Fedor Emelianenko is still among the top Heavyweights in MMA, and may deserve a shot at current UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.  Some fans believe that while Emelianenko was a great champion in the past, the sport may have passed him by.

What are your thoughts?  Does Emelianenko deserve at the top of MMA’s Heavyweight division?  There is no doubt that “The Last Emperor” will go down in history as one of the best MMA fighters ever.  The question is, what does the present hold for Emelianenko?

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  • There are now HWs who can beat Fedor BUT on any given night he can still beat them as well. There is no one who Fedor does not deserve a shot at.

  • At least Fedor Is not juice head like most of today’s MMA stars in the UFC.
    I’ll bet in near future many more fighters will get busted especially the UFC fighters because more is at stake.

    Fedor GOAT bar-non.

  • Your first sentence applies to every fighter in the world.

    It even applies to me fighting A. Silva.

  • I would like Evgeni Kogan to explain how Fedor fighting in Russia (his home country) again is big breaking news? Something that makes this even more irrelevant is that there are almost no interesting fights for him outside of Zuffa.

    What I’m trying to get at is how this is breaking news that a fighter who isn’t in a competitive environment (not in Zuffa) is most likely about to fight another can or unranked fighter with almost no chance to beat him?

  • At this point, Fedor would be lucky to beat one of the top 10 fighters in the UFC HW division.

  • Oh shit sorry everyone for posting an extra two times, it was an accident.

    An accident I could easily fix if Lowkick supplied an option to delete your comment…

  • I guess you are right because you can’t go against cheaters and be successful.

  • Frank Mir to move up and fight JDS and Fedor to fight Cain.

    It’s settled.

  • screw that bro, you must basque in your mistakes

  • Out of all of the HW’s tested, the only one to test positive was the one who the NSAC was obviously targeting. Coincidentally, he was never popped by the all mighty Strikeforce. I think this goes to show Dana White and the UFC aren’t kidding about PED abuse and will not tolerate it, which should provide a nice “clean” environment for Fedor to fight in. I still don’t think he would be top 5, but probably still top 10.

  • Who is Fedor?!?!?!?

  • The GOAT!!!!!! Fool!!!!!

  • UFC and DW had nothing to do with the testing. That is entirely at the discretion of the Nevada Athletics commission.

  • No Kieth, it only applies to fighters that are very close in skill. Tank Abbot might crush you.

  • Your dad bitch! JK

  • Please explain the numbers as to how you determine “most” of the UFC’s roster is on roid. Even if you list all of the current UFC fighters that have been caught, it is not even close to the amount of fighters that are actually in the UFC. Quit exaggerating to force your point as correct.

    An yes, Fedor is one of the greatest to ever do it.

  • Educate yourself man. Dana and the UFC DO NOT wan’t their fighters tested more than is required by law.

  • Yet Nog KO’s Shaub, almost KO’s Frank Mir, Fedor destroyed him twice and is now FEDOR 2.0. He’d have a great shot at all top 10 HW’s. Cain, Reem and JDS would be very tall tasks though.

  • Fedor can beat Mir and Nelson.

    In all fairness to Fedor, his striking is alot fresher then it was 3 yrs ago. I think after he fought Tim Sylvia and won, he quit working hard. After the loss to Henderson, I think his striking skills are alot better. Before he fought Monson last November he went to Holland twice. He has never been there since 2005 before he fought Cro Cop.

    Again, I think someone said it best in a previous post. I think there is a new version of Fedor and it’s Fedor 2.0. Just look at the videos. He’s not throwing those wild haymakers and it looks like he has hit the weightroom. I think the power is back too.

  • Well Fedor doesnt deserve a shot at any top 4 guy.

    Top 10 guys who are coming off a loss, yes.
    Big Nog, Carwin

    Maybe he deserves a fight with Hunt though.

  • MAybe a rematch with tim sylvia would be nice.
    If Tim wants to go back in the UFC he will try to make dana happy by beating fedor.
    But he will most likely be Knocked out by the one and only last emperor 😀

  • i’d like to see Fedor vs Cro cop again

  • Why is everyone still talking about Fedor and any UFC fighter?

  • In that case he was wrong because Fedor is not that close in skill to JDS in stand up, JDS’ boxing is light years ahead of Fedor.

  • I think its you who needs educated. They popped Chris Leben abroad where they are their own testers and not forced to do it, they could’ve let it slip by and no one would know but they made it public that someone was using painkillers and gave him a ban.
    Think before you speak.

  • does anyone take bobby lashley serious?

  • Pure boxing, maybe, but Fedor has been boxing sense he was a child. As far as overall skill Fedor has that down pat, there is no coherent argument to prove JDS is a better fighter all around.

  • “Fedor on Ice!” Live at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg Russia July 21st
    Fedor battles the laws of physics. The Real Iceman! Dont miss it!
    Limits 2 seats per customer.

  • Well technically James Tony has the best hands in MMA. I’m pretty sure he would eat up JDS or anybody in the HW division, we all saw what happens when somebody who has world class skill set in one area vs the rest of his skill sets at below amateur level. MMA is everything. Fedor is not the best at one particular thing, but he’s