Bjorn Rebney: Hector Lombard is the best Middleweight in the world


Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney recently answered a few questions regarding his former Middleweight champion Hector Lombard, who has of course signed with the UFC. However they are not the kind of bitter or resentful comments you may expect from a man whose champion just left his promotion Rebney actually praised Lombard for what he did while fighting in Bellator, and understood  that him going to fight in the UFC was always a distinct possibility. Rebney has a high outlook for Lombard in the UFC Octagon, stating the following:

“I think he’s the best middleweight in the world. I think that in very short order we will see Hector Lombard win the UFC title at 185 pounds on pay-per-view. I wish the guy nothing but the greatest success. He was great for us. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be great for the UFC.” – via

Rebney shows the utmost professionalism in dealing with this situation, apparently realizing as a businessman that he cannot compete with the Ultimate Fighting Championship financially at this point. A part of this is high streams of pay-per-view revenue, something that Bellator does not have right now, and also something that may have been offered to Lombard by the UFC. On that subject Rebney spoke out:

“That’s not part of our business dynamic right now. It’s not part of our format. It may be in the future, but it isn’t today. Part of the reason Bellator’s the number two player in the mixed martial arts space worldwide right now is that we’ve made decisions based on business principles. We’ve made decisions based on hard, fast numbers and objective data that we can take a look at as opposed to what a lot of people who’ve tried to come into our space have done, which is kind of throw mud at the wall and hope against hope that that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will fall into their lap.”

Rebney may be quite business savvy and primed for success in the competitive MMA arena. However, will his lofty expectations of Hector Lombard prove true? Who will be the man to finally take the crown from long-time Middleweight king Anderson Silva?

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  • That’s doable.

  • “I think he’s the best middleweight in the world.”

    I’m not sure what he was on when he made that statement, but That’s just his opinion nonetheless.

  • D

    Yeah, and Bellator is the most successful MMA promotion in the world.

  • sure, till he beats Stann, Sonnen, and Silva.

  • not till I meant..

  • Hector is a great fighter and has an outstanding record but he needs to face the big names to prove he is the best.

    Expecting fireworks with Stann 🙂

  • not suprising that the ceo of bellator sayin that lombard will be the future champ…

  • Lots of guys outside the UFC look good until they start meeting top 5 guys in the UFC. Lombard hasn’t fought anyone good enough to even make that claim.

  • By giving props to his ex fighters, he’s somewhat giving props to his own promotional team. It’s not like he’s gonna say Hector is a bum who only fought cans. Very classy. I’m yet to see this guy go D White on anyone.

  • I need to watch this guy fight, never have. I have only mostly watched UFC, and some SF, and a little KotC. I watched my first Bellator the other day, on MTV2, last Friday, and I honestly was not impressed. The fighters I saw, some Spiritwolf, all the way down to the main event with Strauss and other guy…they all had next to 0 talent. The only thing I could really say about the fights, was Spiritwolf got robbed, should not have been stopped for some barely bleeding cut, but before that, his stand up was sad looking. Granted he finally started to put a pounding on, his technique was sloppy. Several other fights were boring and no body would commit, and when they did, nothing impressive was seen. The only thing I saw that was remotely impressive, was the kid, Marcin Held…the main event, sucked, 2 guys just waiting to hug each other again.

    So, I admit, its the first Bellator I have ever watched, but if that is any sign of the talent pool in it, than its easy to see how you could take one semi-good fighter , and make him look like a god. If that is the kind of competition Lombard has only fought, then yea, the record he has is not so impressive. Maybe Ill look up some of his fights, but really, just want to see him tested in the UFC, against some decent level competition.

  • Thats probably the most retarded thing i’ve ever read. Should probably watch more than one event before making sweeping blanket statements about talent pools. Obviously the UFC is deeper and has the best of the best but have you never heard of eddie alvarez? geez

  • well, genius, that is why i clearly stated, i only have watched one, and if that is any sign of what is contained, then i can see how he could look so good. i openly admitted that is it, and yes, there could be more to be seen, but first impression, is bad.