22-Fight UFC Welterweight Veteran Josh Koscheck Joins The FOX Sports Analyst Team


It seems as though it may be the end of the fighting road for The Ultimate Fighter one veteran, and fromer welterweight title challenger Josh Koscheck. ‘Kos’ twice fought Georges St-Pierre during his ten-year tenure as a pro fighter, and has only ever fought twice outside the world’s biggest MMA organization.

Like it or not, but time catches up with everybody. Koscheck lost three on the bounce between 2012-13, getting decisioned by Johny Hendricks, then getting severely knocked out by Robbie Lawler and Tyron Woodley in the space of eight months. Now inactive for nearly a year, it appears that Koscheck is looking to broaden his horizons.

As one door closes, another opens, especially for a company man like ‘Kos’. Kenny Florian, Karyn Bryant, Daniel Cormier and Brian Stann were on hand to announce Chael Sonnen’s replacement as FOX analyst in the above video. Check it out, courtesy of FOX Sports, and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

  • I am not looking forward to seeing KOS in this role, he was one if the dirtiest fighters and biggest D BAGS in UFC. Not interested in hearing his opinion or analysis, I just don't respect the guy.

    • Agreed. Has to be a more popular guy out there people would rather listen to.

  • Yep. I love Brian Stann, he's a great commentator and entertaining. He's probably my favorite on fox.

  • he is coming on as a guest big deal. no way the ufc puts him on full time. he has no experience at all and isnt exactly a people person. he can bring good knowledge for the breakdowns but i have a hard time seeing him acting like a company man not his style. they need to get Mir or bonnar in there. both were great in WEC

  • Mir's probably the best guy not doing commentary but I think Koscheck will do well and unlike some of the other people here I like the guy. He was smart playing the heel well, calling out the entire Montreal crowd after they were finally on his side when Paul Daley suckered punched him was one of my favourite non-fight moments in UFC history.