Robbery! MMA’s 10 Worst Judging Decisions


9. Michael Bisping vs. Matt Hamill

Back when current UFC middleweight champion Bisping was a light heavyweight, he was the recipient of an incredibly controversial decision win.

During his UFC 75 bout with “The Hammer,” Bisping was taken down throughout the first two rounds and was generally beaten from pillar to post.

However, with the fight taking place in Bisping’s native England, “The Count” was awarded the decision win, much to the chagrin of all who watched it. Bisping turned heel in the post-fight speech, mocking Hamill’s wrestling and overall relishing a victory he should not have earned.

A rematch was scheduled for UFC 78, but an injury to Hamill forced the fight off the card. Bisping would go on to move to middleweight where he is now the champion and set to face another wrestling-focused fighter in Georges St-Pierre at November’s UFC 217.

  • synyster

    lol you hate Fedor eh Matt… “Emelianenko was arguably knocked out in the first round as he lay motionless getting punched” Watch the fight he is literally scrambling for position the entire time, not once does cover up without moving… the worst of it is when he is on his belly and he is still turning the entire time and well he survives so, enough said there..”Maldonado left the fight with barely any damage” both of them were swollen and bloody what the hell fight did you watch it was a war on both ends… And as far as the judging is concerned no one argued that Fedor didn’t win the second and third rounds, the debate was if the first round should have been a 10-8 which would make the fight a draw, hard to call a fight a robbery that was at best a draw in the other fighters favor.

  • synyster

    Not to mention you forgot possibly the worst recent robbery in the UFC in Silva Vs Brunson… Ring side media was 20-4 in favor of Brunson I believe why no mention of this much clearer robbery??? No one ring side had Maldonado as the winner but most had it as a draw but some did have Fedor as the winner… You also bring up the Bisping fight which most people also agree Bisping won on points 16-5 ring side media scored it for Bisping… I am sensing we have a hardcore spider fan in Matt

  • Draven

    Hendricks vs Lawler 2 should’ve been on this list.

  • ShawnKarr

    Diaz vs McGregor 2