Yaroslav Amosov returns to form, absolutely batters Logan Storley for five rounds to defend Bellator welterweight title

yaroslav amosov

Bellator welterweight champion Yaroslav Amosov returned to action tonight for the first time in nearly two years to face interim champion Logan Storley for the second time at Bellator 291.

Yaroslav Amosov hadn’t fought since June of 2021 when he captured the title against multi-time champion Douglas Lima due to him defending his home country Ukraine from the Russian invasion.

Their first fight was quite wrestle-heavy from both parties, with each man nullifying the others attack.

Both men exhausted one another, and it was a very, very close fight with Amosov being awarded the split decision victory.

Since then, Amosov had won the title, while Storley had gone 3-0 following, including his interim title victory over 20-1 Michael Page in his most recent bout back in May of last year.

Going into this fight, Amosov had a record of 26-0, while Storley had a record of 14-1, the only defeat of course coming to Amosov.

This fight was much, much different than their first.

Amosov came out like a man possessed and just began piecing Storley up with his boxing from the jump. His kicks would soon follow, snap kicks and push kicks up the middle, as well as round kicks to Storley’s legs, body, and head.

Amosov kept this pace up for the entire 25 minutes, forced Storley to switch stances due to the leg kicks he was enduring, and really just busted him up the whole fight. It was as dominant of a performance as we’ve ever seen from Amosov, which is really saying something considering his universal 50-45 win over Lima in his latest appearance.

Once the bout was said and done, Amosov landed over 250 strikes while Storley landed less than 100, he stuffed all 12 of Storley’s takedown attempts handily, and even took Storley down three times as he was awarded the handed unanimous decision victory.

This was an incredible showcase of mixed martial arts.

Many of us were wondering how Yaroslav Amosov would look upon return, and the answer is even better than when he left.

It looks like Jason Jackson is next for Yaroslav Amosov

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