WTF?! Video of the Day: Double KO via Faulty Cage Door

Here at CP, we have covered damn near every type of knockout that has occurred in the MMA world, and in fact, we pride ourselves on our devotion to the topic. And although we’ve seen both the double KO and the even more rare no contest due to both fighters falling out of the cage, little did we know that over the weekend, these two would meet at a shady hotel, do the nasty, forget to wear protection, and give birth to the above knockout.

The event was Hardrock MMA 43, which went down on Saturday night. The place was Sheperdsville, Kentucky. In the co-main event of the evening, lightweight fighters Brandon Bishop and Braedon Ward squared off in what started as a relatively even match that saw both men struggle for superior position in the clinch. After Ward managed to toss Bishop to the mat but was unable to complete the takedown, he bull rushed ahead with a double leg, eventually slamming into to cage door, which burst open and sent both fighters crashing to the ground.

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As team members rushed to their aid, it quickly became apparent that both parties had been knocked unconscious in the fall, and the bout was subsequently ruled a no contest. Fortunately, both men were able to walk away on their own power after a few minutes. According to Gary Thomas of, who was in attendance for the entire event, a hinge in the cage had been damaged in an earlier fight, but was believed to have been fixed. However, when both fighters hit the door, the pin was knocked loose, causing one of the more bizarre fight endings we have seen in quite some time.

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And as it turns out, this was not the only bit of controversy that went down at Hardrock MMA 43. Join us below for an illegal KO from the same event that is as brutal as it is hilarious.

These are the pitfalls of the three point stance, ladies and gentlemen. To be fair, we’ve seen this technique work to a degree before, but sweet baby Jesus did it go wrong here. Clearly a Jon Jones/Jeff Watts fan, Chad Sermon figured he’d test out the frog attack in his undercard bout against Brian Kerr. Kerr clearly did not appreciate this tactic, and opted to throw a fight ending/completely illegal head kick in response. If you listen to Kerr’s corner in the aftermath, it becomes evident that they knew Sermon was planning on coming out in the crouched stance, and simply didn’t give a shit. We would be more enraged if we could stop laughing. And if you watch the whole video, you’ll see that even the referee shares our dark sense of humor.