What should Pudzianowski do next in his MMA Carrer?

In the fight Mariusz had control for about 2 minuits of the fight and turned into a red balloon, those muscles were crying for oxygen. Pudzian “the Dominator” mannaged to take The Maniac down twice in that fight but each times, Sylvia standed it up pretty quickly.

Mariusz “TheRedBalloon” Pudzianowski was taking some massive knees to the face by the Maniac, ussually those knees have enough power to knock people out, but not Pudzian, he proved to have a really good chin in this fight but then the knees to the mid section started coming. Now TheRedBalloon is even more tired, it goes to the ground with TheManiac in the full guard possition, but the RedBalloon was attempting Armbars while down so i guess that prooved he knows submissions, I guess 😛

Mariusz manages to squeeze out of the 1st round barrly surviving.

2nd round, Mariusz was thowing the ussual muscling power kicks to Sylvia leg I think that was the 5th or 6th kick now, Sylvias chicken legs are not giving out surprizingly. Tim and TheRedBalloon trade punches for a bit of that round then Pudzian is like “screw you I want to go to the ground”  Well he got what he wanted…. TheManiac was in side control throwing punches at TheRedBalloon until he finnaly popped from exaution.

So their we have it….GameOver 😛 Sylvia wins submission via strikes.

I guess it proves that Mariusz is not ready for top brand names like Sylvia, but Mariusz has proved a few things to us in this fight.

But now after this stunning lose, what do you think he should do next??