Video – Virtual Khabib Nurmagomedov fights his younger self in confusing ad campaign


Former UFC lightweight world champion Khabib Nurmagomedov appeared in virtual form as part of an ad campaign that has fans very confused and a little creeped out.

The video, which was posted on the Hall of Famer’s Twitter account, appeared to be an advertisement, but for what is anyone’s guess. Is it a new video game? Crypto or NFT related? Something Russian that the rest of the world won’t quite understand? Check out part one below, which features a battle between two different Khabibs. And then be sure to place your bets on what exactly they are advertising before part two hits social media.

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“Wow, I’m about to fight and guess who’s facing me? A younger version of myself! He’s all fired up, just like I used to be. But then, out of nowhere, something weird happens. Wondering where this is leading me? Stick around to see what is next!”

Gameplan Missed a Golden Opportunity with Their Khabib-heavy Advertisement

Twitter users were understandably confused and slightly skeptical. However, one fan had a rather brilliant idea that the company should seriously consider adding to… Whatever this product is.

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In the other corner, there should be a bear that Khabib wrestled with as a child,” said Twitter user Paul Jones.

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The company behind the ad, Gameplan, describes itself as “the first-ever sports metaverse, where fans can play games, create events, shop and meet their favorite athletes. Gamers can take part in a unique experience, attend events and purchase merchandise. It’s the ultimate extension of sports fandom.”

If you’re looking for more interesting products promoted by ‘The Eagle’, you can always check out one of his restaurant chains in Russian, serving only the finest horse meat in the country.