Video: Jake Shields Talks to the Most Excited Interviewer in the World About His Upcoming UFC 129 Fight With GSP

Either this guy drank WAY too many Red Bulls before this interview or he just REALLY likes talking to Jake Shields. Whatever the case may be, he caught up with Jakes at Cesar Gracie’s gym and got his thoughts on a few topic, including his upcoming UFC 129 bout on April 30 against UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre and the prospect of the former Strikeforce middleweight champ possibly fighting Anderson Silva somewhere down the road.

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“Do you think you can beat GSP?” probably wasn’t the best question to start the interview with, but Jake took it in stride, laughing off the strange query from his alleged fan.

Judging by his outfit and how giddy he seems to be around his favorite fighters, it’s safe to say he won’t be awarded Strikeforce or UFC credentials under the current regime.

Check out video of Mr. Perky interviewing Josh Thomson, Matt Lindland and Josh Koscheck about the fight as well as footage of Jake training with some old dude. Noticeably absent is a video of Chael Sonnen who is in Stockton training with Team Cesar Gracie, but having interviewed Chael in the past and listening to his opinion of oblivious reporters, it’s not likely a coincidence.

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Josh “The Punk” Thomson talking about how Shields holds his own sparring with Koscheck, Swick and Fitch: