Video: Intense Staredown Between Conor McGregor & Ronda Rousey Revealed

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UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and former women’s bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey have a lot in common. They are probably the first two names that come to mind when the phrase ‘MMA superstar’ arises, but they also shared a very similar sequence of events in the last year. After receiving previously unseen amounts of hype before their most recent fights, both Rousey and McGregor suffered well publicized and career-altering defeats; In fights they were both heavily favored to get the win.

For ‘Rowdy,’ the loss to Holly Holm might well have marked the last time the ex-champion fights, period. The circumstances surrounding ‘The Notorious’ and his first UFC loss were slightly diferfent though, but the outcome was nearly identical; massive backlash from fans who rejoiced in his defeat, although McGregor never suffered the deep depression and life changing sorrow that Rousey did, at least not extrovertly. His submission loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 196 has spurred a rematch at UFC 202 on August 20.

Kelvin Ma-Boston Herald
Kelvin Ma-Boston Herald

Both McGregor and Rousey can arguably get the credit for bringing more attention to the UFC in the last year than the promotion had ever experienced before. Their brash manner and hogging of the limelight made them household names, and with it the banner for whom they compete. Casual fans who knew nothing of the sport before now had the name and date, and also how to watch these outrageous superstars attempt to back up their trash talk in the octagon.

Even after their respective losses, Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey are superstars still. That’s what made this image, when released months back, quite a tantalising and sensational subject:


All we knew was that the two titans of modern MMA were staring each other down for some kind of commercial featuring Bud Light. Well now it’s explained further, as this teaser trailer (as if we needed it) has been released. It would appear that McGregor and Rousey are members of opposing teams taking part in a type of MMA challenge.

Check out the video that was uploaded over the weekend, and stay tuned for more info:

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