Video: Conor McGregor Clone Surfaces In Germany

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The UFC will touch down in Fortaleza, Brazil, with tonight’s (Sat., February 2, 2019) ESPN+ 2. However, a fighter on the opposite side of the world has been making some noise online for being an all-out Conor McGregor clone.

A 1-0 fighter by the name of Maurice Adorf took on the winless Denis Arslan at Edel-Optics.DE Arena in Hamburg Germany. While neither fighter had a glaring record, Adorf gained recognition for being an almost flawless McGregor clone. He even had ‘The Notorious’ movements down pat. Watch him here:

But it wasn’t without some controversy. Many fans online understandably argued that Adorf was fighting someone way, way smaller than him. Word surfaced that his coaches were conveniently the promoters of the event:

So he has a long way to go towards proving himself in the sport, but it’s safe to say no fighter has copied McGregor down to the last detail the way Adorf has.

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