UFC Parent Company Endeavor Files To Go Public

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Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports
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Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, is filing to go public.

The company previously known as WME-IMG acquired the UFC in 2016 for $4 billion. It was first reported in March this year that they were preparing to go public.

And according to The Hollywood Reporter, they are now entering the first stage of filing for an IPO. They are notably looking to raise $500 million at a valuation of more than $6 billion.

Endeavor also represents the NFL and NHL while owning the talent agency William Morris Endeavor as well. According to THR, they have more than 6,000 clients in entertainment and sports:

“Content is no longer defined solely by the traditional categories on which our businesses were founded,” CEO Ari Emanuel said in the company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Thursday (via CNN). “Television, movies and live events have been joined by others including podcasts, experiences, social media, multiplayer video games and esports.

“Wherever you are in the world and whatever way you define content, Endeavor is likely playing a role.”

What Happens To The UFC?

It is not clear what exactly this means for the UFC or how operations will be affected. However, the UFC has certainly made the company more attractive to interested stockholders, especially after inking a long-term deal with ESPN last year.

In addition, financial numbers such as fighter pay and yearly revenues, that have long been private, will now be made available to the public.

UFC President Dana White has notably spoken out in the past against going public

“I’ve never been a fan of the UFC going public,” White said. “Can you picture me running a public company? No, I can’t either. Let’s take some bets on how long I’ll last in a public company. What’s the over-under on that one?”

It will be interesting to see what developments occur in the near future.

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