UFC 132 Recap: Cruz in control, Wanderlei falls, and the return of Tito Ortiz

Cruz vs. Faber II:
If you are a hardcore combat sports fan, yesterday was your day. On the other side of the world in Germany, the boxing match between Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye was one of the most anticipated heavyweight fights in recent memory. However, the bout didn’t live up to any of its hype leaving many fight fans disappointed. UFC 132 in Los Vegas on the other hand provided Mixed Martial Arts fans with plenty of action and the highest profile Bantamweight title fight in the

LowKick.com UFC 132 Community Predictions

March 24th, 2007. That’s a day that changed Dominick Cruz as a mixed martial artist. He went into the fight a young kid going up against arguably the best Featherweight in the world (Norifumi Yamamoto was still the “other one”). Dominick came out a man on a mission. Fast forward to August 9th, 2009, Cruz’s first fight with Urijah Faber protege’ Joseph Benavidez. Cruz was once again the underdog, but the fight played out completely different this time. Cruz “cruised” to a unanimous decision victory which put

Could TRT become a common issue in MMA?

When Nate Marquardt was pulled out of the UFC on Versus 4 main event last weekend, I was shocked to say the least. I just talked Nate a few weeks ago regarding his main event fight with Rick Story and he sounded like he was ready. He said his cut to welterweight was going well and he sounded more than capable to take the challenge Rick Story would have provided him. Then from left field on the day of the weigh-ins, UFC president Dana White drops a huge bomb, and set the Twitter on fire. He releases a video

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UFC on Versus 4 Recap: Comeback KO-ngo and Brenneman’s Story

Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry:
This fight was originally supposed to be the co-main event of the evening but was promoted to the main event. Many fans were expecting a K-1 kickboxing match but with MMA gloves and that was exactly what happened. There were moments when you thought the fight was going to end and Pat Barry would have his hand raised in victory, but it turned into one of the greatest comebacks in MMA history. When Cheick Kongo seemed to be down and out after being rocked by Barry, he comes back

UFC knew Nate Marquardt didn’t meet Medical Requirements six weeks earlier, Commission suspends indefinitely

Right now details of why Nate Marquardt was removed from the main event of the UFC on Versus 4 card are murky. But what we can confirm at this moment is that the UFC knew Nate for six weeks prior to the event that he may have a medical issue that would prevent him from competing in the card. The executive director of the Pennsylvania Atheltic Commission Greg Sirb spoke to MMAWeekly.com and had this to say:
“Nate has known for probably about a month and a half. He knew the situation. It was no