UFC Lightweight Thibault Gouti Accepts Six-Month USADA Suspension

Thibault Gouti
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The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has taken another victim as UFC lightweight Thibault Gouti is the latest to be suspended.

On Tuesday, USADA announced a settlement with Gouti who had accepted a six-month suspension for a positive drug test. The Frenchman tested positive for ostarine as well as LGD-4033, its metabolite di-hydroxy-LGD-4033, and GW1516 metabolites GW1516 sulfoxide and GW1516 sulfone.

Gouti first failed an out-of-competition test on March 12. He provided USADA with information about a supplement he was using at the time without realizing ostarine was listed on the label.

Following notification of his positive test, Gouti provided USADA with information about a dietary supplement product he used for two days before returning it to the store when he realized that ostarine was listed on the label,” USADA’s statement read. “Subsequent analysis conducted on both the open and independently sourced, unopened containers of the product by the WADA-accredited laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah, indicated that the product also contained LGD-4033 and GW1516, which were not listed on the label.”

Thanks to his co-operation, Gouti received a six-month reduction to his suspension which is retroactive to April 25, 2019.

Gouti is 1-5 in the UFC and is currently on a two-fight losing streak. He was last outpointed by Nasrat Haqparast in October last year.

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