UFC Legend: Jon Jones Had ‘Huge Change’ In Muscle Mass

Jon Jones admits
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Until Jon Jones rose to prominence, Chuck Liddell was considered to be the best 205 pounder of all-time. At one point, the former light heavyweight champion was also considered to be the face of the UFC.

Jones then went on a historic title run, however, leading many to label him as the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen. Over the last few years though, “Bones” has had to deal with a plethora of issues outside of the cage, most recently being flagged by USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) for a potential anti-doping violation following his UFC 214 victory over Daniel Cormier.

As far as Jones’ issues outside of fighting go, Liddell feels as if “Bones” is ‘his own worst enemy’:

“He’s his own worst enemy,” Liddell said Monday on an edition of The MMA Hour. “And he was such a great fighter, I don’t know why he decided — it seemed like he decided in his offseason that one time to start using steroids. And obviously he’s got his time in court, I guess, still. I don’t know. But it seems real obvious with his increase in size and stuff. But I don’t know that he needed that, and it just seemed like he got maybe around the wrong people, got around the wrong ideas, and decided he wanted to (use PEDs), and now he’s gotten caught. It’s sad.”

Liddell also referenced Jones’ time away from the UFC between 2015-16 as a potential timeline for when he could’ve began using performance-enhancing-drugs (PEDs). During this time, Jones was dealing with legal issues, but he also became very involved with powerlifting, which added quite a bit of muscle mass to his frame:

“It looked like there was a huge change in a short period of time, that one break he took,” Liddell said. “It seemed like he grew a lot over that time. So, I don’t know. I seem to think that’s when it started, but I don’t know. He hasn’t come out and said anything. It’s another tainted supplement (for UFC 214), right? So I don’t know. He gets his time in court, we’ll see what happens with that too.”

What do you make of “The Iceman’s” comments?

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