UFC 232 Results: Jon Jones Wins Title With TKO Stoppage Over Alexander Gustafsson

UFC 232 results
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One of the craziest fight weeks is coming to an end and we will have you covered with all of the UFC 232 results.

UFC 232 has persevered through an “atypical” drug test collected from Jon Jones and through a venue change just six days out. Regardless, the world leader in MMA will host their annual year-end PPV at The Forum in Inglewood, Ca. Believe it or not, we made it. The rematch that seemed doomed earlier this week is finally here. “Bones” Jones and Alexander Gustafsson will finally meet again in the main event of UFC 232.

Jones (22-1 1NC) comes in to this fight sorrounded by controversy. He has only two offical fights since 2014. Despite that, Jones is the prehibbited favorite heading into the main event.

Gustafsson is riding a two-fight winning streak and most recently demolished Glover Teixeira.

Round One

Fighters touch gloves to start. Gus takes center cage Jones clinches and throws a knee. Jones lunges in and clinches, nothing doing. Gus takes center cage again and throws a leg kick. Jones throws a left hand that misses the mark. Gus lands a knee to the body. Jones lands a good leg kick. Gus sticks his low leg kick and stalks Jones. Jones lands a lead elbow and follows it with a right hand.

Jones lands a front kick as Gus goes to the body. Jones gets high on a single leg but it is defended. 90 seconds left in the round. Superman punch by Gus, Jones moves out of the way. Gus looks for a trip but Jones evades. Jones circles to the right and Gus follows. Both men appear to be timing each other. Jones lands a good kick to the body as the round ends.

Round Two

Gus takes the center again to start the round. Jones lands a body kick followed by a teep kick. Jones pumping his lead arm in a rhythmic motion. Jones lands a knee. Gus appears to be waiting on Jones. Gus lands a right hand. Jones lands another hard left body kick from the southpaw stance. Gus accidentally gets a finger in Jones’ eye. The ref stops action momentarily. Action resumes Gus presses forward using his boxing. He lands another left hand as he gains confidence. Jones lands a kick to his lead leg. Gus misses a lead elbow as he marches Jones down.

Jones lands a leg kick as he moves out of attacking range. Gus lands a hard one-two. Jones smashes another leg kick. Gus is starting to feel these kicks. Jones pops the jab again and moves out of the way. Jones lands another kick and moves forward. Jones lands an elbow on the break. Jones lands a spinning kick as the round ends.

Round Three

Gus takes center cage and again he is noticeably favoring his left leg. Jones pumps a jab and lunges a takedown. He quickly gains half guard and looks to land some hard ground and pound. The action stalls briefly as Jones works his ground game. Gus is in trouble as Jones gets side control. He blasts an elbow down. He takes Gus’s back and reigns down some hard punches. The fight is over.

Jon Jones defeats Alaxander Gustafsson via TKO at 2:02 of round three