UFC 232 Results: Corey Anderson Outclasses Ilir Latifi

UFC 232 results
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The main card of tonight’s UFC 232 continues with a pivotal light heavyweight contest that pits two top 10 205-pound fighters against each other. Ilir Latifi will collide with Corey Anderson in a main card bout.

Latifi (14-5) will face his toughest test since facing Ryan Bader back in 2016. Since losing to Bader, Latifi has put together a couple of rock-solid performances against high-level compettion.

As for Anderson (11-4), he has bounced back from a rough 2017 to have a very good 2018. Anderson has a chance to go 3-0 this year if he can close out the year with a victory at UFC 232.

Round One

The fighters are both very tentative to start. Both men throwing faints in hopes of causing a reaction from the other man. Latifi rushes forward but Anderson evades. Latifi slams a calf kick into Anderson’s leg. The fighters trade leg kicks. Latifi clips Anderson and he loses his mouthpiece. The ref steps in and gives it back to him. Latifi connects a hard one-two that stuns the American.

Anderson moving forward and catches another leg kick from Latifi. Anderson is heavy on his lead leg and paying for it with leg kicks. The fighters clinch briefly. Latifi slams another calf kick and follows it up with a right hand but Anderson steps aside. Latifi throws a wild haymaker as the round ends.

Round Two

Anderson takes center Octagon but again both men slow to start. Anderson lands a nice body kick and follows it up with a left hook. Latifi moves forward and lands a leg kick. Anderson lands a right and Latifi finds a home for one of his own. Latifi shoots a takedown but the American flashes good defense. Anderson lands a knee on the break. Anderson looks for a takedown of his own but is denied. Latifi pumps his jab but Anderson steps aside. Latifi looks tired, Anderson moves forward, but Latifi explodes with a lunging attack. Anderson does a good job evading and lands a kick to the body of Latifi. The fighters clinch as Latifi looks for a takedown. Anderson defends but eats a left hand. Anderson walks Latifi down as the round ends.

Round Three

Anderson quickly takes center Octagon and lands a leg kick. He moves forward and lands a jab. Latifi moves backwards and clearly looks exhausted. Anderson circles left and looks fresh. Latifi lands a right hand but takes a big breath to follow. The fighters clinch and Latifi explodes but lands nothing. Anderson working the jab here in the final round. Latifi looks sloppy at times because he is so wild. Anderson uses his footwork and jab to close the distance and piece up Latifi. Latifi throws a spinning high kick that misses the mark. Anderson lands a nice right hand as he walks the Sweed down. The fight ends with Latifi egging on Anderson.

Corey Anderson defeats Ilir Latifi via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

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