Todd Duffee vs. Alistair Overeem is still in works for Dynamite!! 2010 (Updated)

With a proposed bout between Alistair Overeem and Bobby Lashley now dead and buried, “The Reem” was left searching for an opponent. But just a few short hours ago, rumours surfaced of a potential fight with Former UFC Heavyweight Todd Duffee.

Reports were quick to surface that an agreement was possible, with both sides locked in tense negotiations earlier today, and it looks like the fight will go ahead with Duffee releasing the following message via his Facebook account:

“Have no plans on NYE? Dream Dynamite 2010: Duffee VS Overeem on HDnet!!!”

While this bout would be Duffee’s first return to MMA since he lost his job in the UFC, the Heavyweight fighter still holds a respectable 6-1 record. He went 1-1 under the UFC banner, defeating Tim Hague in just 7 seconds, earning the title of the UFC’s “fastest KO”. Following that, he lost a fight against Mike Russow that saw the veteran take a vicious beating before delivering an epic third round knockout, causing a major upset. Duffee was subsequently released from the UFC with Dana White blaming attitude problems for the parting of ways.

Interestingly, 2010 was a year Overeem proved his dominance to the world. From his total dismantling of Brett Rogers back in May, to then winning this year’s K-1 tournament. The 33-11 Strikeforce Champion is certain to compete at the New Years Eve show, even without Duffee, should a suitable opponent be found.

As well as this, K-1 have also addeda pro wrestling bout between Bob Sapp and Shinichi Suzukawa, set will be held under Inoki Genome Federation (IGF) rules.


According to a story on, the fight against Alistair Overeem has been called off after Todd Duffee snubbed FEG’s proposal:

Todd Duffee and DREAM officials had a verbal agreement in place for him to face Strikeforce heavyweight champ Alistair Overeem at Dream Dynamite 2010 on New Years Eve. But when he received the contract this morning the money wasn’t right and Duffee decided to pass on the fight. ATO learned of the situation earlier today through a source close to Duffee.

Duffee will face TUF 10 alum Titan Fighting Championship January 29th in Kansas City.

Overeem will still compete on the card and face an opponent that has yet to be announced. did a further research on the topic, and here’s what they found out:

It has been reported that Todd Duffee has accepted the offer to fight Alistair Overeem (mainly for the loot, cant blame him). The amount offered to Duffee is allegedly in the amount of $60,000 just to show and another undisclosed lump sum if he wins. According to Jonathan Luther, Todd Duffee is in Japan and he may run into problems obtaining a visa, which can obviously hinder the process of fighting in Japan exponentially. Nothing has officially been announced, but if Duffee can get a visa, expect an announcement from Japan’s general direction immediately.

So in conclusion, no one really knows if Alistair Overeem vs. Todd Duffee will go through in Japan. The clock is ticking for FEG to find a suitable opponent for Alistair Overeem, who is without any shadow of doubt is currently one of the most marketable figures in Japanese MMA scene since Fedor Emelianenko. Ricco Rodriguez and Jeff Monson were rumored to square off against “The Demolition Man” a long time ago, and could serve as worthy replacements for Todd Duffee.

Update #2:

Direct from MMA Weekly:

Alistair Overeem finally knows who he will be facing on the card. His opponent? Former UFC prospect Todd Duffee.

…MMA Fighting has confirmed with multiple sources close to the bout that both parties have officially agreed to the fight… FEG is only expected to officially announce the fight sometime after Christmas.

So there you have it folks, it’s (almost) official, Alistair Overeem will fight Todd Duffee on New Years Eve at the world famous Saitama Super Arena, but first ever DREAM Heavyweight title will not be on the line.

Photo: Esther Lin