TJ Dillashaw Reveals Conor McGregor ‘Wasn’t There For His Team’ On TUF 22

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Conor McGregor raised some eyebrows when he called Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male teammate and TUF 22 assistant TJ Dillashaw ‘a snake in the grass’ on UFC Tonight last week in an attempt to put some distance between the bantamweight champ and the oft-failed title contender ‘California Kid.’

However, even though he may be nicknamed ‘The Viper,’ Dillashaw spoke up at last weekend’s UFC 191 (via MMA Fighting) to give his side of the story, noting that it was actually ‘Notorious’ who was the slippery one, as he failed to show up and improve his team:

“He was hardly there. He didn’t really even show up. He was there for the weigh-ins and fights, it seems like. He wasn’t there for his team at all.”

Following last week’s over-the-top ‘GO BIG’ press conference in Las Vegas, it’s clear that the biggest money fight for any male fighter in the UFC is against McGregor, and that’s in part to his aggressive callouts of nearly every top-ranked fighter from 135 to 155 pounds.

But Dillashaw believes that will spell McGregor’s demise, as he’s become more entrenched in building his own fortune and fame that he’s stopped focusing on actually getting better at martial arts:

“I don’t think there’s a fighter that McGregor doesn’t have beef with these days,” Dillashaw said. “He’s trying to get under Urijah’s skin by saying that I’m a traitor. That’s the one thing he had against Urijah, so he hopped on it a lot. But he’s gonna get laughed at that a little bit. I think he’s more interested in how much money he is making now that he is in getting better in this sport.”

Rumors of a potential McGregor vs. Dillashaw bout have swirled ever since ‘Notorious’ took out Dillashaw’s teammate Chad Mendes at July 11’s UFC 189, but with McGregor a large featherweight, there are probably several other high-profile bouts he would sign for on before facing the bantamweight champion.

The brash Irishman insists that ‘The Viper’ is waiting in the weeds to pounce on Faber and Team Alpha Male, but Dillashaw believes that is simply McGregor hyping himself up further in an effort to cash in on his skyrocketing popularity.

Whose side are you on here?

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