After winning what many deemed a highly lackluster and controversial match versus Hector Lombard at UFC 149, Middleweight Tim Boetsch finds himself in unexpectedly good position. After rising from relative obscurity to beat name fighters Yushin Okami and Lombard in his last two fights, Boetsch will most likely find himself facing one of the division’s top fighters as his next test. However, it appears there is only one man on Boetsch’s personal list, and that is reigning champion Anderson Silva. Boetsch recently came out with some candid comments about the current champion, who has not lost in fifteen UFC bouts to this date:

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“For me, when a guy runs his mouth and there’s high expectations, it’s part of fighting. I’ve find that I’m kind of the opposite of that. I wanna perform, and maybe that’s why I’m not on the radar, and everybody’s not talking about me. But, if I beat enough people, it’s gonna be hard to ignore me, and it’s gonna be hard to deny me that title shot. I’m not sure who they’re gonna put in front of me, after a win over Hector, after a win over Okami, but whoever they put in front of me, next, I’ll get the win. I think I match up great with Anderson Silva. He struggles with wrestlers, and I’m a wrestler that also can do a lot of damage with my fists and kicks and submissions. I haven’t been showing my submission game much, but we’ll save that for the world championship. If I need to submit Anderson Silva, I know I can.” – via

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Boetsch seemingly is high on confidence at the moment, and deservedly so. Beating Okami and Lombard is a far cry from beating Anderson Silva for the title. If Boetsch does win his next bout versus a top-ranked Middleweight, it will be hard to deny him his title shot with a quality three-win streak. He believes that Silva has trouble with wrestlers, but that is highly debatable. He did have trouble with Chael Sonnen‘s wrestling but also finished him both times. Dan Henderson he submitted in the second round, on the ground. Silva has shown to have a proficient ground game thanks to his training with the Nogueiras. Boetsch did not seem to do much damage to the plodding Lombard last Saturday, perhaps it was due to a broken foot from a kick he threw. Does Tim Boetsch have the right to talk such a big game? Is there any chance for him to defeat Anderson Silva whatsoever, let alone submit the long-standing champ?

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